Prayer for the Changes

This is prayer for those who are making the changes

Who are doing the hard things.

Who are saying goodbye.

Who have accepted that death is a part of resurrection.

This is a prayer for all those who know, in their heart of hearts,

that normal isn’t real anyway.

That Jesus doesn’t hang out with the normal people in the first place,

and that the tiny hurts, that you are uncovering, are real, and valid, and it’s ok that they feel lonesome.

This is prayer for those who feel like its just one thing too many…

it that you feel like its your own failing: your too old or too young or too weird or too poor, too tired or just too whatever to handle it.

Because Jesus knows, she knows, and she will swoop down, like a mother bird, and wrap you her wings, and love you to her bosom, and hug you

til you remember you are too whatever, and still beloved,

somehow both and.

Here’s a prayer for moving on,

because we humans are made to transition all the time, and yet emotionally it is like the hardest thing to do

Why is that God?

And we are in the midst of some big Apocalyptic transition thing

From Pre-Pandemic to

Not Post pandemic.

But whatever it looks like

Here’s a prayer for that

For all of us

Help us as we do this thing, and love us through we pray.


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–Katy “Katyandtheword”

Pandemic Prayers

Praying with Covid


Here’s a Prayer

for those with Covid.

Because, you know God

so far my family has a light case.

But it’s scary–

scary that it might get worse;

scary how easy it is to ignore the warnings and go on with our lives.

Here’s a prayer for those in isolation–

because they have covid,

or are avoiding it, still

after all this time.

Lonely, and alone.

Here’s a prayer for the sick,

the ones who are caretaking

the long haul covid people

wrestling with something we still do not understand

Here’s a prayer for the world-weary

those who feel like they are screaming into the abyss

Who are tired of playing Sorry,

hearing sorry, when covid is bumped into again,

and oop back to start again.

Jesus how do you deal in humanity?

Our pride, our ignorance?

Worst of all our frailty,

which someone you know but we are able to boisterously ignore?

Here’s a prayer for us humans,

silly, confused, and still beloved.

May we still walk the road to Emmaus together,

especially when we are confused or tired, or frail we pray.


(Pastor Katy’s family has covid, but it seems like a light case at the moment)

Feel free to use/adapt/share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

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Selah! Praying for Babies & Vaccines


for all the babies

to be vaccinated


and praying

for all the parents

(and grandparents and beloveds)

of those babies

who have been waiting

half past forever

to exhale

they know

what Selah means

Selah God



*Selah is some kind of exclamatory sigh thing in the Bible that we don’t really know how to translate

Feel free to use/share/adapt/sigh/scream abundantly with some kind of credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

BURNEDOUT a prayer

This is a prayer for the BURNEDOUT

Because Loving mothering God, you know that they were ON FIRE 🔥

They did the work, they gave their all, they plugged in, they connected, they loved their job, their work & all they served

Every single breath of it.

Until one day, their oxygen suddenly gave out!

Sure they had been gasping for breath, and running on low fuel

But everything and everyone around them seemed to say just go farther and do more

And everything will be alright.

And so God this is a prayer for the BURNEDOUT

that every single one of them can claim their Sabbath

And rest, as God given, needful and right; without guilt or recrimination.

God grant them, and us Sanctuary and rest we pray.


Toddling, a Prayer


You know,

that we cannot pivot anymore

because we are too dizzy.

In fact,

we are so dizzy that walking has become problematic

So we make our way like toddlers

knowing our best right now

looks nothing like two year ago

Please hold my hand God

as I toddle along,

steady my step

and murmur comforting words

into my ear, as I toddle along,


I pray.


Feel free to use/adapt/share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

Pandemic Prayers & Resources


With Thanks for the inspiration from @lmcheifetz who pointed out we can’t pivot anymore.

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Be With Us

God of those who still have to go to work

Be with us

God of all of those who can’t work

Be with us God of those with preexisting conditions

Be with us

God of those who can’t be vaxed/boosted yet

Be with us

God of those who are hanging on by a thread

Be with us, All we pray


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A Prayer for Healing A Brood of Vipers

God the whole world is sick

No one is safe anymore–

there is no sanctuary.

You know that we are a world in desperate need of healing.

God I don’t want to live in a world

where healthcare is on the bottom of the to do list

Where people aren on the bottom of the to do list.

And God, I want to scream like John the Baptist:

You brood of vipers, you idiots, you fools!

Turn around! Change!

Don’t you want to be on Side that has already won?!?*

Don’t you know there is another way to win?

One where we don’t fight over scraps,

but we care for everyone?

One where we don’t say, “Did they have any pre-exisitng conditions”

but instead we say “don’t worry we will protect, you, and feed you, and care for you!”

And like John the Baptist, and Desmond Tutu, and bell hooks and so many others–

I want to hold you accountable,

because in the end,

God wants us all to heal.

At the end of the long day of work,

When the sun sets and we look around to see who has healed–from hunger and racism and every single kind of bigotry, and Covid

I want to be there, and I want to see you there too.

I want to party with you in the Kin-dom.

God almighty knows it.

God you know we need this healing–

teach us how to hold each other accountable

without screaming or shaming one another,

teach us grace and forgiveness and reconciliation.

Teach us I pray,

because Lord knows, we could all use a party right now.


Feel free to use/share/adapt with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

*This is a question that the great Healer Archbishop Desmond Tutu used to reconcile and convert and people (with way less anger I’m sure than it is used here).

Go Back to Start….A Yell-y Psalm


I’m tired of this Pandemic Game…

And it would be great,

if we could finally learn our lesson,

and stop pulling the Go Back to Start Card

Please, God Please

Also, God, I hate skipping Go and Collecting $200.

At least at the beginning of the game we were gathering some money

and accolades for our essential workers, to cushion the fall.

But now we continue on our merry way

Losing everything but the idea that we have to


things a



And I can’t even pretend anymore.

When news of omicron swept through.

I just couldn’t even process, that “Go Back to Start” feeling.

Because Sweet Jesus, you know, every time we go back to go–

we lose more people who are too weary from the journey

And I can’t blame them.

We should not blame them.

(even though we humans are so good at that blaming thing)

We are not meant to be in survival mode forever.

So here I am God. Praying we figure something better out.

Some solution to this mess.

Some greater support system, some way to advocate for

essential workers, caretakers, long covid survivors, disabled people on the margins, those impoverished by circumstances

God help us–because we are clearly too weary to figure it out on our own.

And frankly, I’ll take all the help I can get right now.

Holy Spirit, inspire and sustain us, we pray.

And please, God please, help us to get beyond Starting Over!

We pray in your most Compassionate and Understanding Name.


Feel free to use/share/adapt with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

Pandemic Prayers & Resources

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Tapped Out

I’m so tapped out of prayers.

I’ve been writing them for almost two years…

words have been ripped from my soul.

I’ve learned and yearned and earned

and still I find myself turning to God.


I think in my heart of hearts

that if I say the right words

everything will be fixed.

When instead, God….

you know.

You know God,

The right prayers do the opposite.

Cutting open the wounds,

Allowing myself to emotionally

throw up for the entire world to see…

and ironically

that helps

So here I am.


Being Sick on the Page one more time.

Saying WHY GOD


to Bring a PANDEMIC to AN END.

Never in my life will I EVER use the expression

“Avoid it like the Plague”

Never will I take supply chains for granted.

And I look forward to being

a weird old lady

with tales of school from home,

when the church FINALLY got tech

after me a young-in pleaded for years with it,

Shutdowns, BLM, masks, baking

and that time when

we all learned to appreciate

science and vaccinations

(and hopefully redesigned how we

allocated ALL the national budget)

So here we are God,

just you

and me

and the world,

and a prayer

Trying to fix things.

I’m not going to stop.

Let’s go.


Feel free to use/adapt/share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

Pandemic Prayers & Resources

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Pandemicking, A Prayer


I’m thinking about how we are all here


all day everyday.

Even though we long for the day

that we have pandemicked,

we are just not there yet.

Just as you are the God

who is Justicing, Gooding, Blessinginging

(because the gerund* verb tense is the best)

the timeframe of this pandemicking

is equally ongoing, and nebulous,

and I am aware that the echoes of this

Pandemicking, will actually live on in me


In truth I will never stop Pandemicking.

Like those who were Immigrating,

never will, in some sense stop being immigrants,

and those who have survived something,

never will, in some sense, stop being survivors.

And today

I’m thankful that you, Jesus

–who fled to Egypt, lived under occupation,

grew up an outsider and were almost thrown off a cliff,

You Jesus of all people,

get that.

And some days I’m bitter that

in some ways

I’ll always be pandemicking

and on somedays, I wonder, but do I really want to unlearn

all the things I needed to know?

About the cracks in society?

About those who we have lost!

About who are being forgotten?

About what needs to change?

After all, what is greater discipleship than that?

So, God. I’ll be here. Surviving this pandemic.


Every single day.

And thankful that I have the gerund tense to describe it.

But I’m also grateful that I have a God

Who gets it–

and gives us a knapsack of the right kind of more gerunds,

to do this pandemic thing,

and for being a pandemicking God along the way.

Here Goes God, more Pandemicking….

Come with me…


Pandemic Prayers & Resources

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*Gerund: is a verb that we have turned into a noun with ing like swimming. In ancient Hebrew gerund was a tense that can also mean present participle, it means ongoing without a definite end, when it comes to God I think of it as the inging verbs.