Go Back to Start….A Yell-y Psalm


I’m tired of this Pandemic Game…

And it would be great,

if we could finally learn our lesson,

and stop pulling the Go Back to Start Card

Please, God Please

Also, God, I hate skipping Go and Collecting $200.

At least at the beginning of the game we were gathering some money

and accolades for our essential workers, to cushion the fall.

But now we continue on our merry way

Losing everything but the idea that we have to


things a



And I can’t even pretend anymore.

When news of omicron swept through.

I just couldn’t even process, that “Go Back to Start” feeling.

Because Sweet Jesus, you know, every time we go back to go–

we lose more people who are too weary from the journey

And I can’t blame them.

We should not blame them.

(even though we humans are so good at that blaming thing)

We are not meant to be in survival mode forever.

So here I am God. Praying we figure something better out.

Some solution to this mess.

Some greater support system, some way to advocate for

essential workers, caretakers, long covid survivors, disabled people on the margins, those impoverished by circumstances

God help us–because we are clearly too weary to figure it out on our own.

And frankly, I’ll take all the help I can get right now.

Holy Spirit, inspire and sustain us, we pray.

And please, God please, help us to get beyond Starting Over!

We pray in your most Compassionate and Understanding Name.


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