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#Advent 2 RCL

Isaiah 11 Advent 2 assumes we are broken and withered,

No one is healthy and whole

We are the remnant in need

and need care, the shoot comes from the stump

And glorious rest is promised at the end

That is The Emmanuel

Advent promises

Give everyone sick leave

medical care


And mental health care

Art by Katy Stenta on Canva, feel free to use

Advent Prayer

Here’s a Prayer for Advent
For those are stuck in injustice for so long
they seek justice with every breath they breathe
and long for a new kind of liberation.

Here’s a prayer for those
stuck in the throes of grief
gnarled in the pain
and cannot feel those who are holding their hands in darkness.

Here is a prayer those
sick so prologuedly, they don’t remember
what health feels like, and subsist instead
on better days.

Here’s a prayer for the lonely
whose teeth ache when they see companionship
who lurk in the corners of libraries and shops
and love to converse with strangers and angels unawares.

Here’s a prayer for the victims
of violence and abuse
from microagressions to verbal, from physical to assassination
To all those who cannot be safe because where they are or who they are.

Here’s a prayer for those who just don’t know Lord
They are just so tired and confused, and stuck
They aren’t sure where to go next or what to do
But they are certain that they need to figure out the next step.

Here’s a prayer for those on the edge of death,
you know the ones God, waiting for that next family gathering
or that last visit, or the strength to let go–
Or even Christmas to pass, in order to join the rest of the Saints.

This is a prayer for all those waiting,
Maybe what we have is not yet hope, perhaps it is hoping for hope
But that is enough to light the candle together
That is enough to wait for God together, for the miracle whispers to us.

It whispers of the one who is to come:
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Purveyor of Peace
And Government will rest upon their shoulders–
God, we are holding our breath, and light the candle hoping for hope.

We are praying with the world today, O Come, O Come Emmanuel we Pray. Amen.

Feel Free to Use/Share/Adapt with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

Full Advent Resources


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LGBTQIA, After Colorado Springs

Sacred Space

Rainbow Tears




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Sacred Spaces

A Sacred Space
Does not mean pews or Prayer

It means safety
for one to be their full self

A Sanctuary, does not mean a Pastor
or a Sign that says “Everyone’s Welcome”

It is a place where the food is abundant
and the boundaries keep people safe

Church is not a building
Its the Community that its neighbors

God is not an authority or a shamemaster
They are a home to safely come to, at the end of the long journey

Safety is not straight heteronormativity ableism in middleclass suburbs
Its the freedom for everyone to dance in their club

in their beautiful and fierce incarnation
without being shot, or being hassled on the way home, or the cops being called

Sacred Spaces
Means a Space for everyone to be Sacred, no more, no less.

If there is one things all humans need–
its real and salient sacred spaces

Don’t break humans

Don’t break the Sacred Spaces

Unfreezing Xmas

by Katy Stenta, feel free to Email me at Katyandtheword at gmail for a doc version

Feel free to Adapt (Really Adapt I know how these things are)/Use with credit to Katy Stenta

Full Extended Advent Resource

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An Easy Narnia Based Pageant

Unfreezing Christmas Pageant

Costume Suggestions: Ears & Hat for Mr. Tumnus, Red & Green for everyone else, Need: a table/picnic setup for scene 1, a Stuffed Lion for “Aslan” to Carry, need a manger and Babydoll for the end

Characters: Mr Tumnus, Lucy, End Narrators, Party Attendees, Two Friends, Mary (non-speaking)

Mr Tumnus: Here in Narnia we are having a hard time. It is always winter; Always winter and never Christmas. I am excited though, because I have invited my new friend Lucy from the Land of Spare Oom over to Tea—and the Queen has Not found out about our friendship. For some reason the Queen hates humans. Oh look here she comes now! (Can be read from a lectern) 

(Lucy enters from the back and Mr Tumnus runs to escort her)

Scene 1

Mr. Tumnus and Lucy walk to the front: A bunch of people come and sit frozen)

Lucy: Oh no look, what happened?

Mr. Tumnus: They must have been celebrating without the Queen’s permission and she turned them into stone.

Aslan (Someone holding a Stuffed Lion walks on stage): Roar

Mr Tumnus & Lucy: Aslan Unfreezes Christmas

(Aslan exits)

Lead Partygoer: Aslan Unfroze us! It must be Christmas!

(The Party Starts with pantomimed eating and celebration, Christmas Music Starts) (I’d have the littles lay down til they hear the roar)

Partygoer 1: I love the food

Partygoer 2: I can’t believe its Christmas

Partygoer 3: I can see presents even

Partygoer 4: I saw a lion!

Partygoer 5: No I saw a Lion!

Mr Tumnus: Oh my gifts and packages! That must have been Aslan! Unfreezing their hearts for Christmas!

Lucy: Merry Christmas

PartyGoers: Merry Christmas

Mr. Tumnus: Let’s Go!

Scene 2

(Two People frozen back to back)

Mr Tumnus: Oh dear I do not like the look of this, this does not look of this, we must be following the Queen’s winter. 

(Lucy sits next to the two)

Aslan—can be a different person playing Aslan—roars and unfreezing them

Mr Tumnus & Lucy: Aslan Unfreezes Christmas

1st Friend—I’ve been looking for you everywhere

2nd Friend-I’m so glad I’ve found you

(the two people hug)

Scene 3

Girl Holding a Babydoll by a manger Frozen

(Other people can be other characters in a manger scene as is appropriate/easy or not or can come on to sing)

Lucy: I remember this story

Mr. Tumnus: Yes the White Witch really is preventing Christmas now, by freezing this one. 

Aslan (again can be the same person or someone different) roars to unfreeze the girl)

Mr Tumnus & Lucy: Aslan Unfreezes Christmas

Girl puts the babydoll into the manger

Everyone comes onstage: to sing (with the congregation if you choose)

Reader to close: Aslan has truly unfrozen Christmas, Look! For a child has been born for us, a son given to us; authority rests upon his shoulders—and he is named, wonderful counsellor, mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace

Aslan: Roars One last Time

Silent Night or Away in the Manger

Please Support my Writing, I am Funding some of my Doctorate in Creative Writing as a Public Theologian through donations https://gofund.me/554d36e3 Thank you to all those who have donated, I have successfully completed 2 years thanks to your support.

Let’s Write Liturgy

Register for a Writing Workshop

Do you want to learn how to write prayers and liturgy? Psalms and Calls to Worship? Confessions and Personal Prayers? This Zoom Workshop is designed for all levels and experiences for people to engage in prayer writing–using the scripture as your guide.

Sunday November 20th 4pm-6pm (Eastern) $40

Thursday Dec 1st 12pm-2pm

Led by Katy Stenta, Pastor, Writer and Educator

For more information to sign up, email Katyandtheword at gmail.com. Titled “Liturgy”

Katy Stenta is a regular contributor to Sermonsuite, RevGalBlogPals, and is published in Enfleshed, Presbyterian’s Today and Outlook. She received her undergraduate in English and History and Minor on Philosophy at Oberlin, her M. Div. and MA in Christian Formation at Princeton Theological Seminary. She is currently pursuing her D. Min. in Creative Writing as a Public Theologian at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. She also writes personal prayers regularly at katyandtheword.com.

Limited to 10 spots


A Prayer for Twitter

Quick Taking
Justice Making

A Prayer for the Communities
Built across the Alphabet
Semi-Anonymous Honesty

A Prayer for the Screw Around
And Finding Out
The Trying to be Cultural relevant
And yet still Yourself

Here’s a Prayer for Doom Scrolling
Joy Seeking
& Screaming into the Void
That is Twitter

Here’s a Prayer for all Trolls on
Twitter, Because I’m supposed to Prayer for my enemies
May your teeth ache, and May those who hate humanity
and those who harm children never sleep through the night

Here’s a Prayer for Twitter
Pure Humanity: Bringing the Best and Worst of Humanity
Rambling Dictator, Hating Nazi
Compassionate Crowdfunding, Diverse Perspectives, Unknown Depths of Learning

Here’s a Prayer for Twitter
Here’s a Prayer for Humans
May we take the good and leave the bad

And may capitalism and millionaires
Princes and powers and principalities perish
and love and compassion and food and medicine and housing
and creativity and arts endure forever


Feel free to use/adapt/share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

Election Day Prayer

Do not put your trust in Princes
God says

Care for the widows and the Least of these-
Lord Hear our Prayer
as I walk towards the booth, wary of those who are in line with me

Care for the Stranger and Immigrant, for you may care for Angels Unawares
echoes in my brain, as I trace the bubbles with smudgy pen

Woman, I hear you, I picture Jesus saying
as I see the name of the candidates who disregard
the healthcare of pregnant people and victims of abuse

Put not your trust in any human power–but my hope is in the Lord
who gives justice to those that suffer wrong
and bread to all those who hungers

God keeps promises better than any human
or politician.

This is why good administration is ministry
This is why voting and crying is ministry
This is why we do our best to care.

This is what I carry to the ballot box
That God will open the eyes that need to be opened
and lift up those who are bowed down
and free those who are bound–

Turn the wicked UpsideDown God.
I’ll help where I can.
And watch you work miracles.

Feel free to use/adapt/share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta