Praying with Covid


Here’s a Prayer

for those with Covid.

Because, you know God

so far my family has a light case.

But it’s scary–

scary that it might get worse;

scary how easy it is to ignore the warnings and go on with our lives.

Here’s a prayer for those in isolation–

because they have covid,

or are avoiding it, still

after all this time.

Lonely, and alone.

Here’s a prayer for the sick,

the ones who are caretaking

the long haul covid people

wrestling with something we still do not understand

Here’s a prayer for the world-weary

those who feel like they are screaming into the abyss

Who are tired of playing Sorry,

hearing sorry, when covid is bumped into again,

and oop back to start again.

Jesus how do you deal in humanity?

Our pride, our ignorance?

Worst of all our frailty,

which someone you know but we are able to boisterously ignore?

Here’s a prayer for us humans,

silly, confused, and still beloved.

May we still walk the road to Emmaus together,

especially when we are confused or tired, or frail we pray.


(Pastor Katy’s family has covid, but it seems like a light case at the moment)

Feel free to use/adapt/share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

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Masks: A Prayer

Lord God,

As I string the mask around my head, and adjust it to my ears.

May it be in honor of all the women the Bible who donned the veil to pray–Sarai as she longed for a child, Miriam as she sang jubilant songs, Mary as she attended the blessing of her son Jesus.

Holy Spirit, breath of God, as I feel my breath hot and heavy on my face, as it tickles my nose and dries my lips–remind me that a mask can reflect your love. Just as Moses wore a veil because his reflection of your glory was too blinding to see.


As I adjust it one more time to be snug around my face, dear Jesus I imagine you appearing to the women in the garden. I think-today-perhaps you were masked. Wrapped in a head covering of the dead with a scarf muffling your mouth so you had to say “Mary” twice. I think it lay up past your nose, disguising your face beyond recognition on the day you rose again from the dead.

Remind me that my mask is holy, that it follows a long footsteps of messengers and prophets and followers of God all wearing cloth upon their face as a reflection and sign of safety and love.

And when I feel short of breath, send your Holy Spirit to help me breathe, and to inspire me to continue to wear the mask.

And when I feel weak or afraid, God please hold me in the palm of your hand, so that my steps can be sure and strong.

And when I feel alone, send Jesus to be my sibling and my friend, and to remind me I am beloved I pray.

As I wear this mask, let it too be the image of God, I pray.



Feel free to use or adapt with Credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

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