Act of God

Is this an act of God, asked Abram & Sarai when they were barren

Hagar when she was abused by Abram & Sarai

Job when he watched everything he loved drip away

Joseph when he was cast into the pit

Puah & Shiprah when they were ordered to put the babies in the water

Moses when he understood his people were enslaved

The Prodigal wondered when he was lost, the widow thought when she lived on nothing, Mary & Martha questioned when Lazarus died, the disciples cried when they arrested Jesus for heresy.

Is this an act of God we ask when the hurricanes howl and the tornados terrorize and the earthquakes wreak havoc?

How about a world pandemic is this an act of God?

Where is our Force Majeure? We want a new contract. If it’s an act of God then there’s nothing under our control and we can just wait for God’s helicopter to save us.

But Abraham & Sarah became the parents of nations

Hagar kept her child safe & found her freedom

Joseph was raised from the pit the Pharaoh’s advisor

Puah & Shiprah hid the babies from the Pharaoh

Moses lead the slaves to freedom

The Prodigal came home, the Widow gave away her mites, Lazarus was healed and returned to Mary and Martha, and Jesus rose from the dead.

I don’t really know what an act of God is.

But I know who God is, God is the God of jubilee, the God healing, the God of redos, reconciliations and resurrections.

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We can enact the will of God. We are Abraham & Sarah, Joseph, Puah & Shiprah, Moses. When we enact the will of God return home, we become healed, give to the poor and become resurrected with Christ.

Are we an act of God? God I pray that we are.

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‪Blessed are those who stay home and wait for the resurrection not as a date on the calendar but the as the return to wholeness, health and peace in the community ‬

Please Share/Adapt with Credit to Katy Stenta and Please contribute to my Doctorate of Ministry with a Donation  I have PayPal Venmo or Google Pay to Katyandtheword at gmail. My go fund me is located at

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Best Laid Plans Prayer

Lord, we had the best laid plans. The teacher were teaching, the doctors were healing, the calendars were full. And we had everything set. But plans are ephemeral, the illusion of control. Lord, when I get stressed, I go over my schedule. First x, then y, then z. First x, then y, then z. Now all my best laid plans fail. I cobble together new ones, but they are ragged and imperfect. I have no best laid plans. All I have is you God, comforter in the middle of the night. God who stands by the lonely, wrapping them in the breath of the Holy Spirit. God of the sick and poor–I’m so glad that I worship the God of the sick and the poor in this uncertain time. God of kairos, I’m glad you don’t run on human time, because it’s all slurring together and last week sounds like last year and the future is dim at best.

God I no longer have any plans, I only have you.

Be with me I pray.




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Not planned to give up this much for Lent

Image may contain: ‎possible text that says '‎る Honestly hadn't 00 planned on giving up quite this much for Lent. ת‎'‎

God, I saw someone say they weren’t ready to give quite so much up for Lent, and it’s true. I’m not ready to give up friends and seeing grandparents, I’m not ready to give up babysitting and going out to eat, and I’m definitely not ready to give up school for my kiddos, and we will surely miss church on Sunday. More than giving up is what I’m taking on. I’m taking on the health of my entire community, I’m learning to appreciate how teachers work, teach, grade and keep everyone (including themselves) for day on end, I’m relearning the art of boredom. I’m figuring out how a new structures and rhythms of schedule and living together. I’m finding ways to be connectional in new (and old) ways. I’m finding time: time to walk and prioritize, time to wonder at morality, time to care. It’s not the Lent I had planned, but it’s the one I have been given. Lord help me to not give up for Lent I pray, give me the resources, relationships and reality checks I need to carry on, and continue to walk with me I pray.



Thanks for the statement Andy Crouch


“Señor, (escuché) a alguien decir que no estaba listo para renunciar a tanto esta cuaresma. Pero así es. No estoy lista para dejar a mis amistades o dejar de ver a los abuelos. No estoy lista para dejar la niñera o el salir a cenar. Y definitivamente no estoy lista para dejar la escuela de mis nenes, y definitivamente me hará falta la iglesia los domingos.

“Más de lo que dejo, es lo que tomo. Estoy tomando la responsabilidad por la salud de mi comunidad entera. Estoy aprendiendo a apreciar como las maestras y los maestros trabajan, enseñan, corrigen y mantienen a todos (incluyéndose) día a día. Estoy aprendiendo de nuevo el arte del aburrimiento. Estoy descifrando nuevas estructuras y ritmos de calendario y vida juntos. Estoy aprendiendo las nuevas (y viejas) maneras de ser conexional. Estoy encontrando tiempo: tiempo para caminar y priorizar, tiempo para cuestionar la moral, tiempo para cuidar (y preocupar).

“Esta no es la cuaresma que tenía planificada, pero es la que se me ha dado. Señor, te ruego me ayudes a no darme por vencida en esta cuaresma. Dame los recursos, las relaciones, los baldazos de realidad que necesite para continuar adelante. Camina conmigo, te ruego. Amen”.

– por la Rvda. Katy Stenta

Thank you my colleague Rev. Amaury Tañón-Santos for the translation

More Prayers & Resources for the Pandemic

Viral Prayers

Blessed are
the retail workers
the grocery store workers
the workers who stock
the truckers
the sanitation workers
the emergency response workers
the energy sector workers
the housekeepers and custodians
the doctors, the nurses and all their support staff
the emergency workers
the departments of health
the pharmacists
Prayers for
the sick
the medically vulnerable
the disabled
the people who live with mental illness
the uninsured
the underpaid
the gig workers
the small businesses
the artists & entertainers
the travel industry
the flight attendants, TSA and airport workers
the parents who have to work & be teachers
the educators
the displaced college students
the kids who will go hungry
the parents of those with special needs whose entire routine has been disrupted
the lonely
the people stuck in places of abuse
the imprisoned
the ones on the border
the institutionalized
the nursing homes
the homeless
Thank you for
Social distancing
Cuban Viral Research
Chinese closing of emergency hospitals
Canadian Vaccine Research
Italian Singing
the Chinese Businessmen who donate masks & sanitizers
the Scottish shopowners who buy masks & sanitizers for the elderly
the Ballplayers who donate salaries to arena workers
The schools getting food to those in need
The homeschoolers & online academics sharing their resources
Those supporting small businesses
Those who show up to work
Those who make phone calls
Those who get things to those in need
The ones who step up and ask, how can we help

Abundance of Caution Prayer

God, sometimes prayer is out of an abundance of caution. Nothing has hit close to home yet, but I feel shadows in the valley of death. I hear the cries of those around me. I can taste the panic in the air. How can I not pray? Out of an abundance of caution, I am lifting my eyes to the hills, from whom does my help come? My help comes from the Lord my God, they are my rock and my salvation. I pray for the miracles of this age: for people being connected to one another in this isolating time, for those who are struggling financially to experience generosity and hope while work is scarce and stability is scarcer. Lord out of an abundance, out of your abundance and our caution I pray that we all practice responsibility and community. Help us to hold onto peace, Encourage us with good courage, help us to grasp & hold onto all that which is good and remind us, especially in trying times, to render no one evil for evil. In your abundance and our caution, I pray. Amen.

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