Rest is Resistance Week 3

Woodspell.apothecary post Sensory rest is silent walks. Soothing scents. Loose clothing. Cosy socks. Deep pleasure. Spiritual rest is meditation. Prayer. Energy healing. Full moon rituals. Creative rest is drawing. Pompom making. Cake decorating. Reading fantasy novels. Trying new recipe. Playful rest is anything fun and unproductive. Watching a romcom. Playing a board game. Doing a puzzle. Building a fort.

Week 3 What would it feel like to be consistently rested?” p. 56
Psalm 34:8-10
Ecclesiastes 4:6

Call to Worship
(Breathe in) I am enough.
(Breathe out) I am enough now

Prayer of the Day
We are Divine
to Rest
is to Be Human,
Give us the chance
to Unfurl,
the stories that await
and uncover
if only we Rest
and Dream ourselves
Out of
The Systems
We pray.

Call to Confession: God calls us to dream ourselves with God, so come, let us rest with the Divine.

Confession: God, we confess that we do not dream enough. We do not value our divine spark. We confess that we busy ourselves: with getting by, surviving, achieving, even outdoing one another. We confess to honor the Sabbath. Remind us that rest is holy and beautiful, and helps us reclaim our humanity we pray. Amen.

Suggested Rest Practices
Worship Outside/Lay on the Grass
Hand Out Journals for Folks to Write in:
Ask them to Ponder and either, Remind them this their time, give a long space, 15 or 20 minutes tell them they Write Nothing OR Write Where they are the most exhausted: physically, emotionally, mentally, in their soul or perhaps Write Down what kinds of rest are rejuvenating (use the examples above to help), or they can simply draw or Doodle, play restful background music, offer that they can move, walk, stretch during this time
Play-do/Clay to play with
Celebrate Communion (see notes)

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Little/Big Things Prayer

Lord God, Almighty in Heaven
When 2 people dying
becomes blip
on the news…

When Anti-Semitism
needs to become
A Roar of despair
for a major
German distributer
to drop a name

When this flood gets
lost with the last one
And the fires
And tornados
weary your soul

I want say
Come get
Your Humans

And I worry about
the next political arguments
I will have
About gender, sexuality
and disabilities–
Because they are not political
but about people

I admit to deep weariness
with this thing
we call
you call

But then

I find rest and restoration


Children’s laughter

Red Autumn leaves against cloudy skies

unexpected time for naps

the right to complain to you God

the taste of chocolate upon my tongue

cats who snuggle

a text from a friend

It is amazing how the smallest things
Can be the most important–
I fully admit, you designed thing well

We humans would have focused
on only the big things

But a moment to notice the good things
the space to rewatch a favorite show

a hug

a cup of coffee

playing our favorite song on the loudest volume

How did you know that we would need these things?

Thank you God–for all the little things–

Keep sending them please.


Feel free to use/adapt/share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

Dark Red fall leaves drenched in little droplets of rain
Red leaves drenched in little droplets of rain

Narrative Lectionary: Thoughts on John 4:46-54

Restoration: from the Latin seriously it actually is 😉

restore – Online Etymology Dictionary

Restoration c.1300, “to give back,” also, “to build up again, repair,” from Old French restorer, from Latin restaurare “repair, rebuild, renew,

Katy’s Definition to simultaneously destroy and resurrect something at the same time


God Restores us, healing our hearts AND binding our wounds: Forget Ps 140, I’m using Ps. 147:3

kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken pottery by filling the cracks with amalgam mixed with powdered gold, I was awestruck. Kintsugi is translated as “golden joinery,”  The new, reformed whole contains both the remembrance of that which was before and also what is now – something that had been broken into pieces and is now reformed, containing the additional joining amalgam that is noticeable and traceable.

Viewing kintsugi pottery brought to mind how quickly Western culture discards the broken – broken objects, broken people, and broken relationships. We fail to see what the broken might look like if we put the resources into mending the broken.

Katy’s Synonyms Kintsugi, Restoration, (w)holistic Christianity, Shalom, Fullness, Overflowing, Give me your tired/poor/hungry, Brokenhearts, wholeness, complete,  Image

What a great Valentine’s Day text (love it when it works out that way!)

There is a Balm in Gilead folks!