God of Gaps

Dear God of all things missing, imperfect and forgotten, I appeal to you today.

Fill in the gaps, like kintsugi, remolding them with gold to make them beautiful.

I am aware that when we humans fill in the gaps, we do so clumsily. Like children trying to fix a things with school glue.

And oftentimes I can feel overwhelmed with all the gaps that exist: gaps that lead to homeless, the gaps that lead to human injustices, the racial gaps, the gendered gaps, the disability gaps, the hetereo-normative gaps, the gaps in environmental care.

There are so many gaps once you start looking gap years, gap employment, gap babies, gap relationships….

And I confess we are a people of gaps. Trying to place everyone into easy categories of work and care. God. Help me to see and accept that we are a people of gaps.

And when I see the gaps, help me to truly acknowledge and try to understand where those gaps come from.

Help me learn how to handle others’ gaps of knowledge, which are perhaps even more frustrating than my own. (It’s easier to ignore my own gaps than others).

Remind me to love my neighbor, and their gaps, as I love myself and my own gaps.

And encourage me to know that you don’t ignore or just fix gaps.

God, you inhabit the gaps. Those small hidey-holes we hide or forget.

These places of mysterious are a part of your very Godly Being!

You are the God of gaps.

How wondrous is that.

Be the God of Gaps today and everyday we pray.


Feel free to use/share/adapt with credit for Pastor Katy

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Narrative Lectionary: Thoughts on John 4:46-54

Restoration: from the Latin seriously it actually is 😉

restore – Online Etymology Dictionary

Restoration c.1300, “to give back,” also, “to build up again, repair,” from Old French restorer, from Latin restaurare “repair, rebuild, renew,

Katy’s Definition to simultaneously destroy and resurrect something at the same time


God Restores us, healing our hearts AND binding our wounds: Forget Ps 140, I’m using Ps. 147:3

kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken pottery by filling the cracks with amalgam mixed with powdered gold, I was awestruck. Kintsugi is translated as “golden joinery,”  The new, reformed whole contains both the remembrance of that which was before and also what is now – something that had been broken into pieces and is now reformed, containing the additional joining amalgam that is noticeable and traceable.

Viewing kintsugi pottery brought to mind how quickly Western culture discards the broken – broken objects, broken people, and broken relationships. We fail to see what the broken might look like if we put the resources into mending the broken.

Katy’s Synonyms Kintsugi, Restoration, (w)holistic Christianity, Shalom, Fullness, Overflowing, Give me your tired/poor/hungry, Brokenhearts, wholeness, complete,  Image

What a great Valentine’s Day text (love it when it works out that way!)

There is a Balm in Gilead folks!

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