Broken for you: Maundy Thursday Prayer

Heavenly God

I know the story. After they had supped with one another—Jesus took bread & blessed it & broke it. He did so saying this is my body broken for you.

And when the Coronavirus was coming—we went to the grocery stores and the stores that sold toilet paper. And we called our far way family, our everyday colleagues and our close friends and sent heartfelt blessings to one another, and then we said to each each other I will broken for you.

Help us to remember one another and remember Jesus every time we break bread until we come together again.

And then, Lord, as Jesus washed the feet of the disciples he told them to love one another—passing on the gift that Mary Magdalene gave him, he knelt in front of each and every one of them to cleanse the dirt off their feet.

We too are washing in service–washing the germs from our hands when we enter a building, washing the germs for ourselves when we exit. Let each washing be a blessings. A spillover of your love. A symbol of the cup spilling over and filling our souls. Washing people from our presence, standing at least six feet from one another out of love. 

Lord we are the body of Christ–and we are broken, we cannot celebrate communion or eat together, we cannot wash or touch one another. Remind us that Jesus knows what it is to be utterly alone. Jesus knows what dying alone felt like.

Jesus knew what it meant to be distant from everyone, and considered dirty. Jesus underwent all of this, because it is a part of the human condition. He also knew he would soon be leaving for a place where he could no longer physically touch us–and that he looked forward to being physically present with us once again. Remind us that Jesus says that he is broken for us, let us be broken for Christ and one another too. 

And then Jesus tells us to love one another, to practice virtual communion, and to do this until we meet again.

Teach us to love and serve one another in whatever way we can, let us do this until we meet again in full communion, and do it in remembrance of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen

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