A Prayer for Twitter

Quick Taking
Justice Making

A Prayer for the Communities
Built across the Alphabet
Semi-Anonymous Honesty

A Prayer for the Screw Around
And Finding Out
The Trying to be Cultural relevant
And yet still Yourself

Here’s a Prayer for Doom Scrolling
Joy Seeking
& Screaming into the Void
That is Twitter

Here’s a Prayer for all Trolls on
Twitter, Because I’m supposed to Prayer for my enemies
May your teeth ache, and May those who hate humanity
and those who harm children never sleep through the night

Here’s a Prayer for Twitter
Pure Humanity: Bringing the Best and Worst of Humanity
Rambling Dictator, Hating Nazi
Compassionate Crowdfunding, Diverse Perspectives, Unknown Depths of Learning

Here’s a Prayer for Twitter
Here’s a Prayer for Humans
May we take the good and leave the bad

And may capitalism and millionaires
Princes and powers and principalities perish
and love and compassion and food and medicine and housing
and creativity and arts endure forever


Feel free to use/adapt/share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

@amandapalmer #nextchurch #nonprofit #ministry…who wants to discuss #theartofasking #media

Pretty sure I’m going to devour this book in 5 secs. flat….so….


Who in nonprofits/ministry wants to discuss Amanda Palmer’s book and what it means in terms of fundraising, media know tiny issues like that which effect our daily existence? Plus this is a great window into the “sharing” culture that I so love today…

I’m planning on leading a twitter discussion on Sun Feb 8th at 7pm Eastern time. My handle is bookkats

If you need the book or want to give it to someone else check out

Let’s get the word out!