Standing in the Breach

Lord, I am not the beggar with a disability waiting at the gate of the church. But I understand their plight better this year. As I stand in the breach of church–trying to hold open the bridge between the world and worship. As we collect money for food pantries, and try to find ways for communities to meet and pray. I feel like we too are stuck at the gate of the temple.

Sometimes we are outside the temple, begging to get in, yet unable to pray.

Sometimes we are at the gates of heaven, barely breathing in and out.

Sometimes we are waiting by the side of someone who is on the cusp of death.

Lord, the breaches are gaping right now: the gap between rich and poor, healthy and sick, abled and disabled, the privileged and the marginal, essential and nonessential, the black and the white and the rest of the people of color.

Help us to be the disciples at the breach, fixing our eyes upon them, seeing not just their stated wants but also their deeper needs. Help us to to touch those who are stuck, and to take their hand and walk with them in the community. Even if that touch and walk is only metaphorical today.

Lord we know what it’s like to be in the breach.

Show us how to be the helpers, the healers, we pray.

Remind us that no help is too little, that we are longing for one another’s company, touch and presence.

Help us to be present and stand in the breach, we pray.


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Healing Touch


We hunger for your healing touch. We want to rush out to you, heedless of noise & crowd to touch even the fringe of your cloak, so that we too might be healed. In a time when so many of us are begging at the gate. So many of us our dealing with illness. In a time where the disabilities that can follow coronavirus can be as frightening as the illness itself. Lord we hunger for healing.

We also long for touch. How long has it been, Lord, since I’ve hugged a friend or shared a handshake or passed out communion? I don’t think I’d know what hunger I have for human touch, until the restrictions to pause and stay safe came into play.

I suspect the next thing I will miss are the smiles that the masks hide.

Smiles, prayers, touch how little does it take to make church happen Lord? How much it takes to make church happen!

Thank God for the healers: the doctors, the nurses, the medical staff, and the researchers. Thank God for cleansers: the custodians and cleaning crews and trash collectors. Thank God for the providers: the retail & grocery workers, the restaurant workers & gas attendants. Thank God for the repairers: the mechanics, the plumbers, electricians, energy and water providers.  We know that all of these people are part of the healing touch.

Help us to remember that we are not Jesus, healing is not instantaneous, that touching and prayer and smiles might appear in different ways but they are still essential to how we are going to survive and heal. Remind us today and every day we pray.

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