Magnify the Lord to the carol O Come All Ye Faithful

Pairs with Narrative Lectionary Year 2 and Advent Candles

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Magnify the Lord: Words by Pastor Katy Stenta

(Hope)  Jeremiah 33:14- 18,

The time is surely coming Refuge and Salvation

The Jesse, the Jesse branch will spring up from David

Justice and Righteousness

Will be the spice of worship

We hope for God’s Justice (x3) Magnify the Lord

(Love) Isaiah 40: 1-11

Comfort, O my people

with songs and preparation

A voice, a voice cries out in wil-il-der-ness

Cry Out and Stand Firm

God’s Word never withers

We wait as God’s beloved (3x); Magnify the Lord

(Joy) Ezra 1:1-4; 3:1-4, 10-13

Rebuild the Temple

Built with ex-alt-ta-tions

For God, is good an’ just, an’ loves us forev’r

Shout with Rejoicing           

Come let’s praise our Savior

We practice our rejoicing (3x); Magnify the Lord

(Peace) Luke 1:5-13 [14-25], 27-80,

Peace Seed, we await thee

Mighty and Graceful  

Deliver, deliver us; Jesus, Messiah

Come strengthen justice       

Fill the world with mercy

Create the earth’s-Shalom (x3); Magnify the Lord

How Can This Be?

Mary magnifies the Lord, magnifies the question of Jesus Christ. Takes a life change and magnifies it.

I don’t know about you, but when big things happen in my life–good or bad–I try to manage the event, plan it, cope. Immediately I try to make it smaller.

But if God is with us. If God is not just a lightening bolt miracle, but someone who walks with us in the mundaneness of daily life: understanding the miracle it is sometimes to get through the day, taking Christmas–like pageants–as messy, ordinary and blessed…..then we are able to speak holiness into the blessings, to speak holiness into the tragedies. Then we are confident enough to magnify the questions in our lives. Accepting these moments as holy ones.

Able to sit with those moments when someone you know is suffering, when there is nothing good to say. I think particularly this year of a woman I know who miscarried her baby. This is a moment of “How can this be?”. It sucks until it doesn’t anymore, but the most helpful thing you can do is to sit with the question–no platitudes, no answers, just sitting with the hardness of the question in love. Similar the question can happen in unexpected pregnancies “How Can This Be?” Personally, I don’t care how a new life is started, every time someone gets pregnant its a miracle–one for which we still can’t scientifically pinpoint. And these pregnancies are another moment of holy questioning. “How can this be?”

Just as Mary’s pregnancy was probably more like the unexpected ones, than another kind.And Mary doesn’t try to make it go away, she asks the question “How Can this Be?” and lives with the question growing inside her—bearing and delivering a a question to which she has no answers. In a time where they thought pregnancies could take anywhere from six months to a year, in a place where she couldn’t know whether she would be having the baby alone or not, and eventually–at a time when travel must be had in the final stages of pregnancy–on a Donkey No Less! This a a holy moment of question.   She lives into the holiness of “How Can This Be?”

During Christmas, a lot of questions arise, and family has to be dealt with, expectations have to be met, or passed over, a time we miss whoever is not there more keenly, a time when we are thankful that, it came together.

We had Christmas, again.

and we are able to wonder, speaking holy into the situation

How Can This Be?

And yet, it happens, every year Christmas comes again

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