Prayer in the midst of Hurricane

God of the wind and the rain
God of the hurricane
Are you the God of natural disasters?

Surely not
And in the wake of Fiona
And the very midst of Ian
God we lift our prayers to you

God help those who are evacuating
and those who cannot.

Help those who are suffering,
in Puerto Rico, Canada, Cuba and Florida.
Those in American and those who we forget are Americans.

Those who are nearby, and those who we ignore or forget–
Remind us God, that you remember and care for all people
Black or Brown, White or American, enemy or ally–mainlander or territory dweller.
You are the God of all people, and tell us to treat the forgotten as our sibling.

Help us humans as we grapple with this thing we call climate–
This beautiful, unwieldy, uncontrollable phenom
that keeps us humble
(when we pay attention to it)

Help us to weather the storms
To rethink how we build and use resources and be community with one another
Be with those who need the help the most we pray,

Not just in the exciting moments of aftermath,
But throughout the long slog of care that is needed we pray.