No Trucks, No Supply: a Prayer

Have mercy on us,

The sign didn’t say.

Instead it said,

We apologize,

that we may not have all of the items

you need, for our truck,

didn’t come in today.

And that is exactly how I feel today, God.

After a week of emotional wraughtness

(which spellcheck tells me is not a real word)

Of good school start, and scary Covid news,

and exhausting abortion, masks, Natural Disasters, Afghanistan, 9/11 and more…

After a week of reopening church events, and finally getting some rentals of the building

and reopening the Nursery School

and seeing the smiling faces of tiny students

behind the masks that we have put into tiny

and hopefully safe classes.

(Please, Lord in your mercy, help us to keep them safe)

I find that I am all out of emotions.

So if you could give me a week God,

or even a weekend off,

of big emotions.

I would be very grateful–

because when I reach for an emotion I need

be it happy or sad or mournful or contented.

Sometimes, I’m not sure that I have what I need.

For I have used up way more than a week’s supply,

within the last week.

How does one take a break from emotions, God?

And I mean this, of course, in a healthy way.

When the world keeps on turning,

and the kids keep asking questions,

and life seems to be restarting,

If you could help me to figure out

some more ways to recharge–

I would be grateful.

In the meantime I will pray, and seek sunlight and read and do yoga,

and call friends and do the church thing and spend time with family,

until I figure out what else to do…

or how to change the world.

Thank you for listening God.


With thanks to @KendraWrites for the inspirational tweet.

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Ok, Oberlin got me with this poster
There were a million other reasons why I went, but this was the primary one.
Its also why I go to church. (as opposed to sitting at home and being spiritual)
When I was 10 I was confirmed as an adult
I was assisting with Sunday School at age 12
At age 14 I told an emergency Children’s Sermon
By age 15 I ran a Vacation Bible Fair (just one night)
I was empowered, as such I am excited to see what I will do from now on!
Through church I find partners, through partners to be empowered to make a difference in the world.
Hopefully churches give healthy empowerment and partnership to those who want to love.
That’s how i look at it……

Think One Person Can Change the World?????

We do too


That’s where they got me. I mean I was pretty sure that Oberlin was the undergraduate program for me. I had talked to the dweeby guy, stood up to my counselor “You sure you want to move that far away” (um…DUH I hate high school), and all, but when I got the packet with Oberlin’s old motto, it got me.

I also probably should have realized that I was going to be a minister then, because I was kind of like one person has changed the world (ie Jesus) and he has totally empowered me to do the sameImage

…ah the confidence of youth….

But if you know me, I am the eternal optimist, so I hopefully haven’t become too cynical since then, even though the world keeps on giving me worst and worst news….bad economy, little jobs, sucky compensation for work done, the evaporation of pension funds, the need to put off life (marriage, house, children etc) due to the aforementioned problems, wars, fiscal cliffs, national debts and taxes.

However I believe there has been a cultural shift in the last election–it hasn’t really to do with the president but more the fact that racism and bigotry has been limited due to the backlash for some representatives comments Re; gays, women, abortion, etc.

Part of that change was examined in my last post Open Source Culture (Go Millenials!)

Thanks to a recent conversation with my philosophical compadre Charlie, I have crystalized some of what I have been writing towards in the last couple of posts. (PS he totally pointed out that at least in a democracy we all have a vote that is value–talk about power)Image

Churches need to do the following to Change the World

Build a Community that

1. Forgives Debts: That’s right, be proactive, do a kickstart, open donations, find some way to address indidividual’s debts in your community–I suggest starting with student debt since that is the least questionable kind of debt. What if we as the church worked to communally Forgive as many debts as possible?


2. Be multigenerational: Church is one of the few places where different generations interact who are not related. Embrace this. Keep young people in church, give them a special space to be look at one example. If we make those connections that otherwise can’t be made, then we are providing a service. (and of course this means making worship accessible to those spiritual but not religious people).

3. Finally Educate, educate, educate. Why are people in debt? In pursuit of education. What if church’s provided free community education: relieving debt and bringing generations together in one fell swoop (HA, wouldn’t that be wonderful?) I would love to spearhead a million different educational opportunities for my community, because that is a concrete way of helping people.

THink one church can change the world????