Narrative Lectionary Fall 2022 Rainbow God, Queer Edition

Rainbow God

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My Kid is Gay

Rainbow God

Sept 11

Flood and Promise
Genesis 6:5-22, 8:6-12, 9:8-17 Flood, Promise Rainbow
Matt 8:24-27 Jesus Calms Storm
Psalm 23 Lord is My Shepherd

Call to Worship:

God you are the God of Rainbows

Before we knew, You knew

You painted peace, in diversity

Before we knew, You knew

Come let us praise the God of Peace and Love

Come, Let us Praise our Rainbow God!

Call to Confession: Come let us confess our Hope in God

Confession: God, we confess that sometimes it is hard to hope for rainbows. We do not believe that every storm will run out of rain, we have trouble remembering that you are not a violent God when people who call themselves Christians scream hate. Stop their hate, Protect us, and help us to see the rainbow we pray. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon: Nothing Can Separate you from the Love of Christ: Not height nor depth nor floods nor hate. Know the truth and affirm it to one another: In Jesus Christ we are always beloved and always forgiven. Amen.  

Prayer of Dedication: God, let us be proud of you as the rainbow God, and stand proud that before we knew, you knew the full meaning of the rainbow. Thank you. Amen. 

Sept 18

Be assured you are all children of God

We are Stardust

You sparkle with the promise of God

We are Stardust

You are the promise of Abraham

We are Stardust, Praise be to God, the Creator of Stars!

Call to Confession: Come, let us confess and sparkle to God

Prayer of Confession: God, we confess that we sparkle and glitter, but sometimes it does not feel like we are wonderfully and fiercely made. Help us when we forget. Show us the stars. Remind us that we are beautiful and everything we do counts, just like every star in the sky counts. Amen

Assurance of Pardon: You loved us into being, just as when you created the magnificent heavens, so we know the truth: In Jesus Christ we are always beloved and always forgiven. Amen.  

Prayer of Dedication: God, remind us that like stars, our sparkles count. Help us to glitter we pray. Amen. 

Sept 25

Joseph in Prison
Genesis 39:1-23 Joseph in Prison, God with Him
Matthew 5:11-12 Blessed when People Revile you
Psalm 146

Call to Worship
God you anoint the outside
The outcast from their family: the queer, gay, nonbinary, lesbian, ace—you will go with them on their journey to find a home.

God, you promise to be with them, no matter what

God be with us

Imprisoned, Abused, Lied about, False witness, You promise, You will still be our God

God be with us

There are no empty footsteps in the Sand for Joseph, You will still be in our dreams, you promise

God, be with us today. 

Call to Confession: God, let us confess and be our full selves with ourselves today. 

Confession: God, we confess that it is hard to be our full selves. We are ignored, mocked, sold into slavery, imprisoned and abused. We confess that even though you know what we go through, we feel ashamed, less, alone. Help us when we are broken. Remind us that we do not need to be forgiven for who we are—that Joseph wore women’s clothes and ran away from sex with a woman way before Jesus was even born, and was beloved, by his father, his brother, the King and you. May safe spaces be formed for all people we pray. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon: Jesus longs for this to be a safe space of forgiveness for all, though we may not have achieved that yet, know that one thing is always true: In Jesus Christ we are always beloved and always forgiven. Amen.  

Prayer of Dedication: Let us go into the world our full selves, proud, loud and beloved children of God. Amen.

Oct 2nd

Exodus 14:5-7, 10-14, 21-29 God parts sea and delivers
(Suggested read Exodus 14:5-29 all)
Matt 2:13-15 Mary, Joseph, Jesus flee to Egypt
Psalm 77

Call to Worship

God will part the Ocean for you

God longs for your safety

God knows it is hard work to get to be safe

God longs for your safety

God wants to rescue you

Come let us find places of sanctuary with God

Call to Confession: Come let us rest with God today

Prayer of Confession: God, we confess that it is hard to believe that you would part the ocean for me. Don’t I complain too much? Is it not too much work? Are you sure that I am worth it? Yet I look at the complaints of the Hebrews, and am reassured that you want not only to rescue me, but to listen to my worries and complaints. Help me when I am troubled an in trouble I pray. Amen. 

Assurance of Pardon: God longs whisper the good news to you, so let us whisper it to one another and be reassured of its truth: In Jesus Christ we are always beloved and always forgiven. Amen.    

Prayer of Dedication: God extend your protection into the world with us as we go we pray. Amen. 

Oct 9 

Exodus 19:3-7; 20:1-17 God bring Israel on Eagle’s Wings; Decalogue
Matt 5:17 Jesus not to abolish law but fulfill it
Psalm 91

Call to Worship

God you are not made of rules

God you are full of grace

God you make wonderful and fierce

God you are full of grace

God let us hear your commands as promises of hope, not hammers or laws

Come, let us feel God’s grace

Call to Confession: Let us confess ourselves to the Graciousness of God

Prayer of Confession: God, you know I don’t like rules—they are weapons of hurt instead of tools of justice. We humans cannot be trusted with them. Grace is but a trickle in my life, and I am still looking for that cup overflowing you promised. I confess, the moment you lift me up on Eagle’s Wings will not be too soon. Please help us to lift each other up, and to treat each other with the grace we long for. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon: God is full of grace, your forgiveness has already been made complete as soon as you confessed yourself. Now we get the opportunity to practice that grace together and say: In Jesus Christ we are always beloved and always forgiven. Amen.  

Prayer of Dedication: God, give us grace as we go. Send it on the wings of your Holy Spirit, touch it to our brows we pray. Amen. 

Oct 16th

Joshua 24:15 [16-26] God delivers, me and my house serve the lord
Matt 4:8-10 Satan offers kingdom; worship only God
Psalm 27

Joshua Renews the Covenant 

Call to Worship

Who does not need Renewal?

Renew our full self here today!

God who knows us and loves us

Give us a renewal today.

God, you are fully God, today, tomorrow and everyday

Come, let us renew our relationship with God.

Call to Confession: It is good to be with God, come let us be present with God today

Confession: God, we confess that sometimes its a lot to be our full selves. It takes time and work to integrate who we are, with the mystery of who you are. Does anyone ever have a full handle on that? Please help us to do this as a community, so that we might have a fuller and richer perspective of your Godhood we pray. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon: God is our God, no matter what, so we know the truth: In Jesus Christ we are always beloved and always forgiven. Amen.  

Prayer of Dedication: God please help us to renew our relationship with you and with ourselves as often as we need to so that we might fully know who we are and who you are as we go about the world. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ who was somehow fully God and fully human. Amen. 

Assurance of Pardon: God longs to wrap you under her wing and assure you that you are safe and forgiven, so know the good news: In Jesus Christ we are always beloved and always forgiven. Amen.  

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Thank God for Nonbinary People, A Prayer of Praise

Thank God for our Nonbinary* siblings!

The both/and

The not really,

the sort of

The people of twilights

sunrises and sunsets

The today I do this, and tomorrow I’ll do that.

The ones who escape easy definition,

and yet are so definitely






Here’s to those who help us to understand aspects of God,

That we never understood before,

male and female Both in the image of God.

Mother and Father God.

God of many breasts, God almighty, God of many mounds.

Here is to the enbys, whose sense of fashion is superior,

and yet we still don’t know how to market to them

(silly commercial straight/cis, whatever people)

Here is the the nonbinary people,

beautiful, perfect, made in God’s image.

God bless you.

Thank you.

I hope you are affirmed and blessed,

today and everyday.


*(If you need to research to start understanding being nonbinary, please start researching being nonbinary and use queer and nonbinary resources so here is a place to start)

Feel free to use/adapt/share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

Any & All errors on this prayer are my own and I take full responsibility for them as an ally who is still learning.

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Bad News, A Prayer


18-20yr Old Gunman, White
Kills 6 Onlookers, And injures 24 more
Independence Day Parade; Highland Park, Chicago suburb, IL

This is not News to You God.

10 Year old Pregnant by Rape,
Just over 6 weeks,
Denied Abortion

This is not News to You God

LGBTQIA reporters being denied access,
to writing articles and opinions, Don’t Say Gay Laws in Effect
Being told their voices are Not Needed

This is not News to You God

God, I fully admit I’m following you,
Not cause its glamorous–
have you seen what people are doing in your name?

I know, I know,

This is not News to You God

But I have nowhere else to go.
Your way is not easy, but it is Just and inclusive;
Because I know you know God, we don’t know what we are doing

This is not News to You God.

So I am not going to turn off the News (much)
But I am going to follow you,
Your promises are more solid than anything human
And…I have nowhere else to go;

This is Not News to You God.

So I’ll Scream and Sigh to You God,

And remind myself, that You Know, and You Know us,

This is Not News to You God.

And take comfort in that fact. As we strive to do better
to make things better.

Feel free to adapt/share/use with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

With thanks to Rev. Tawnya Denise Anderson about her thought provoking fb post about how the disciples stuck with Jesus because they had nowhere else to go, i.e. it wasn’t always exciting to follow Jesus, but it was the best option they had, and sometimes that’s what following God means

4th of July

Here we are again,
Celebrating “Freedom” or whatever

But Black Lives still don’t matter
LGBTQIA rights are worse
Women subjugated
Children hunger and forgotten
Hate crimes up and rising

And I just Can’t,
Free to do what?
What are we celebrating?
I hate how Americans have turned
Freedom into an equivalency for Selfishness

And we all know that this has been a problem
For a while.
But I had some hope in the days of Black Lives Matter
and when Covid efforts were new
That we might actually learn some things.

But we are still a country
That throws more money at war and police
Then schools and social efforts and equality.

Some countries have Kings
We have Capitalism, Liberty, Christianity and White Supremacy
We all are living with the results of this.

So here’s my prayer:
for human dignity,
the right to belong
the right to eat good food, shelter and be clothed
the right to water, education and clean air
the freedom to be oneself.
The right to pray and to refrain from praying
I hope everyone gets a moment to just be today.

And maybe tomorrow, we will work for each other’s freedom’s
Instead of our own.

Please Jesus, show us the way.

Feel free to use/share/Adapt with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta



I call you might and power

Against Guns



I REJECT this evil.

All the violence and the ongoing bombing across the nations

that is so commonplace, we don’t even report it anymore.

I reject all Violence,

What I’m saying is…

Peace of Prince; you need to deal with this.

And as for the ongoing fires, floods, tornados and hurricanes of the earth

Whew…Lord. I don’t know, because we have just done so little,

(so I’m sneaking in a prayer about that too)

I also deny the evil that prevents

Trans girls from playing soccer

Trans Families from taking care of their children

Trans Individuals from accessing healthcare

I call God’s judgement on you–because Lord Knows its above my pay grade.

I call God down upon those govern and who want to

force pregnancy and birth on all people, risking their lives, livelihood, liberty and happiness

but cannot keep enough baby formula on the shelves, free school lunches or childcares open

May God have mercy upon you, in the sweet and loving way that God because I do not even know what to do with this information.

God I am calling you–who gave your very body and blood as the sacrifice for peace–you who always set the table overflowing so every single person could eat,

You who never ask someone their immigration, sexuality or gender status before you heap their plates with food, and extras and leftovers to take home with the communion feast–

I ask you to come down here and talk to these people.

Because I am done with your Children today.


Feel free to use/adapt/Share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

Broken, A Prayer

Dear God

I know

Every time a denomination

Breaks over justice issues:

Like slavery, racism,

women in ministry, abortion rights,

And the personhood of LGBTQIA siblings

That you are crying big tears—

Tears that say

“Jerusalem O Jerusalem

I long to snuggle you under my wings—

Unified and beloved—

And peck to death any who threaten you”

Just kidding Jesus I added that last part,

Based on what mother hens actually do.

But I also think God,

As violent words, weapons, wars and rhetoric

Batters our souls—because after all bad theology kills

You crucified Christ know that better than anyone.

—I think about how you took bread

Among your beloved

You took bread

Blessed it

Broke it

And said “This is my Body Broken—

Broken for you”

Jesus, today your Body feels broken;


Bless it we pray

Bless this Broken Bread

Bless our crumbs

Teach us Belovedness


How to be a resurrection people

In the midst of brokenness

Scarred and real

So we can say together

We are Christ’s Body

Teach us this

we pray.


Feel free to use/adapt/share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

Bullshit, A Prayer


Your coming back was such good news,

that the disciples called it bullshit–

we translate it nicer in church;

can you imagine that?


Jesus did you think that our job



as Christians was to do

such extraordinarily good things

that when we did them

people would say

Bullshit! No one would ever do that!


And not so like, anyone would become Christian

or perfect

(because lets face it Jesus,

people are onto you when you are trying to steal their souls)

But just like, treat humans with respect.


Sometimes I imagine that churches paid every single person a living wage

or rallying for the forgiveness of debts (Reminder: Jubilee is a Biblical concept)

and working hard for universal healthcare for our congregants (the stories I could tell)

or even just make it so every sanctuary was a sanctuary for immigrants



and those who are mentally Ill

and Those with addictions

and people with disabilities

and those who were houseless


If all those could feel welcome, accepted, heard and be essential to the leadership!

A place for teens to hang out without anyone worried about lawsuits.

And we got past tokenizing everyone who is different than us (hello white church).

I bet if we worked on a couple of these things, the church would become more Christ-like–what do you think Jesus?


Sometimes I dream that churches were changing the world–

and then I wake up, amazed that no one has cried out



God I’m praying for that kind of church,

until then, I hope I hang our more with

Mary, Mary and Martha,

and keep saying things that make people say


Universal Basic Income for everyone? That sounds like bullshit!


Can’t wait Jesus, Till then,

I’ll keep praying

Idle Prayers,

And doing the work to make them

Working Prayers again.


Feel free to use/share/adapt with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

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God of Pronouns, A Prayer

O God of Pronouns,

We give Praise to the Great One

the one who is identifiable as God

“I am, what I am” you say!

The great They!

The Incarnate He and She–

the God of Trans-Being!

Impregnating Mary,

Fathering God,

Breastfeeding God of Many Mounds/Breasts*

God of Mountains and Might!

You shatter all stereotypes!

Making every single person, male and female, in your image.

Exactly in your image!

male-and-female, intersex, nonbinary,

Spectrum, rainbow God who put your promise for nonviolence

in the symbol for queer love,

before humanity knew

because you knew

who had Joseph, who could not sleep with a woman

in a beautiful lady’s cloak, perhaps of rainbow colors,

before we knew,

you knew.

God of pronouns, who said ,you can call me

he or she or they; whatever makes you feel closest to me.

Invisible and Visible God: on this day where visibility is not enough

where celebration, belovedness, affirmation and acceptance is the bare minimum

Remind us that you are the God of Pronouns,

so of course you affirm and celebrate them.

God of Saul/Paul, Jacob/Isaac, Mara/Naomi, Abram and Sarai and Abraham and Sarah–

God of Joseph of the Coat of Many Colors, of the Ethiopian Eunuch of the Virgin Mary,

God of all the found families in the Bible.

Remind us that you affirm us in our full identity: Name, Pronoun, Found Family, All of it.

And for this we give you thanks and praise, to the great I am, the great They/Them.

Thank you God!


Feel Free to use/adapt/share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

*In Hebrew the word we often translate as Almighty means God of many mounds which can mean the God of many mountains (places to worship) or the God of many breasts (places to get nourishment)

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