Parables are Godly Fairy Tales


Don’t take this the wrong way. But if Fairy Tales compile to give us an understanding (picture/idea/grasp) of the human condition. Then parables give us a God’s eye view of the human condition. Noting not only life as it is, but also, at the same time, life’s potentials…[think Prodigal Son]

Compiled together, the parables–The Mustard Seed, The Widow’s Mite, The Lost Sheep, The Seven Bridesmaids.

Reading these stories over and over provide windows to the self–clarifying the relationships in our lives. It plants the seeds of knowledge, it gives us the broad scope of life, while allowing us to fill in the details of our own lives.

This is why I read fairy tales theologically, parables practically and reread as much as possible….

3 Replies to “Parables are Godly Fairy Tales”

  1. I love looking for Jesus in every story. My favorite is Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Uppity and Untouchable Darcy (the way we view Jesus before we know Him) makes a “mess” of everyone’s lives. About the time you’d like to gouge his eyes out, he declares his love for Miss Bennett (this would be us!). He then continues to interfere and mess things up – but in the end, you realize that he had everyone’s best in mind all along (Romans 8:28). The final scene is of the two of them deciding what her new name will be (Revelation 2:17). Now if that isn’t the Bible in action, I don’t know what is!

    Love your posts!

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