Santa Hat Prayer


You know that every year,

around Thanksgiving,

My advent prayer looks like a Santa Hat–

(and yes I cheat and start earlier)

You know which one I mean.

The really real one,

deep red one that got last minute at a drugstore,

that I can no longer find anywhere

that one I spent $6 Freshman year of college…

Way too close to 9/11,

This hat was a promise that


despite the exams, the terrorism, the depression and the needless war

Christmas would come that year

And that Christianity didn’t have to look like

whatever it looked like on the news that year…

(and honestly how its looked since then too)

I wear that prayer on my head

and Holy Spirit only you know how it is I haven’t lost that hat in the following twenty years

I have tried to buy another hats, similar hats, but its never worked, and always return to this one–worn throughout Thanksgiving til Christmas.

Somedays, I forget I am wearing the Santa hat, til someone flashes a smile, or compliments me,

or calls me Mrs Claus, And then I wink and tell them I’m actually Santa

And when Children ask why I wear the hat, I say its because I get to teach about Christmas because I’m a Pastor

and it reminds me…

why I do all of this.

Last year, it was a relief to wear it some as things slowly opened,

this year, I suspect that it will be more defiant,

as Covid rages on, and humans are not my favorite beings

at the moment.

But I’ll be here,

wearing a prayer,

like hope, peace, joy and love

upon my head–

Thank God for twenty years of Santa hats–

and all the pieces of prayers that we wear on our hearts

today and everyday.

Give us all the pieces of prayers you can this season

I pray


Feel free to use/adapt/share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta