End of Summer Prayer

(My kids start school a little bit later than the rest of the area, this compounded by the lack of summer camps and childcare makes things tough–that being said, we are blessed by the flexibility of my job. I feel the need to explain my particular context, as I write one more summer prayer)

God I want these kids in school
Instead they are everywhere
Asking for electronics
Eating all my food Squabbling

Is this what discipleship felt like Jesu?
When you were trying to teach?
And Peter said Rabbi, Rabbi, but who got to go first?

And the lawyer said,
Wait a minute, wait a minute, first define neighbor?

And the rich people said,
Tell me another story about
Being rich, bc
I’m not reaaaally
Really certain if that last one applies to me

Sometimes I think,
That the most accurate
Portrayal of you
Is that of a mother hen
Trying to keep her
Chicks in order,
Fed, snugggled, and safe

And the ignorant chicks,
Just peep at you
And run in circles

God I’m longing
For my kids to go to school

Where I will miss them
And worry about them
And not be able to protect them
As I wish—
and so I listen
To the chaos
And pray

The last summer prayer
Above the clatter.


Feel free to use/adapt/Share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta

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