Acts(ion): April 19th Narrative Lectionary Seeds of Faith Prayers

Mark 6:7-13

Acts 1:1-14

Call to Worship
This is the day that the Lord has made

Let us Rejoice and Be glad in it

The Lord calls us together from all the ends of the earth

Come let us pray together in whatever way we can

Call to Worship

There is a time for everything?

A time to dance and a time to sing, a time to mourn and a time to rejoice

There is a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing. There is a time to look to the heavens and time to look to earth.

Let us pray and act together on earth! Alleluia, Amen

Prayer of Confession: Lord we confess that this baptism by fire is not the one we envisioned. Never did we imagine we would stand so close to poverty and death. We confess that we did not understand how fragile our human structures are. We did not imagine how dependent we are for one another in prayer and support. You would think after reading Acts every year, we would have had a better inkling of what it means to enact community on earth. But we have forgotten or lost sight of it. Help us to reclaim community of work and prayer that helps us to love and serve one another as Christ commanded on Maundy Thursday, we pray. Amen.

Prayer of Confession: Lord we confess, we would rather look towards heaven, than earth. How easy it is as humans to skip to the end. We want the kingdom to come right now, and have trouble learning that there is work to be done in the in-between. We confess that we though humans would stop being human and suddenly just all be the same, or get along, or all believe the same things. You know better Lord. Remind us how to eat, pray and live in harmony, even when we cannot see and touch one another. We pray in Christ’s name Amen.

Assurance of Pardon: Christ sends no one out alone! He sends the Holy Spirit before us, companions along the way, and Christ promises to return once again. Be comforted by the ever present grace & forgiveness of God. Tell one another the truth: In Jesus Christ we are forgiven. 

Assurance of Pardon: God sends us nowhere where we cannot be touched by grace. Know the truth In Jesus Christ we are forgiven. 

Prayer of the Day/Dedication: Lord please send everything we have out in the world. Remind us to pray, encourage us to be in relationship with one another, and focus us upon the needs of the here and now, and help us to address the realities here on earth we pray. Amen.

I Want Answers: A Confession/Prayer about God of Grace


Apocalypse Now? Narrative Lectionary: Mark 13:1-8, 24-37 (March 29, 2020?) Resources

Note: The apocalyptic nature of this reading gave me pause! The exegetes (esp NL Podcast) see this as referring to Jesus’ Passion as the space/place when God draws near to us. Our current times raise largely unanswerable questions about theodicy (why). While why is fascinating, more often what we really have to answer is “Given the situation, now what? What are we called to be and do?” I do have to confess to having a list of questions for God for when I get there. Don’t know if I’ll just know the answers; won’t feel the need to know anymore; or will have them answered. But I definitely have a list!


Apocalypse Meditation/Sermon by Rev. Katy Stenta 


Presbyterian Hymnal

Mark chapter 13

77.5 Forty Days and Forty Nights  (means 5th verse esp. relevant)

86 When We Are Tempted to Deny Your Son

87.4 The Glory of These Forty Days

272.2 God of the Sparrow

282 If Thou but Trust in God to Guide Thee

301 Lord Jesus, Think on Me

307 Fight the Good Fight

342 By Gracious Powers

360.5 Hope of the World

361 How Firm a Foundation

388 O Jesus, I Have Promised

389 O Jesus, I Have Promised

401.2 When Will People Cease Their Fighting?

410.3 When I Had Not Yet Learned of Jesus

419 How Clear Is Our Vocation, Lord

420 God of Grace and God of Glory

442 The Church’s One Foundation

443.1 O Christ, the Great Foundation

447 Lead On, O King Eternal

448 Lead On, O King Eternal

461.4 God is Here!

538.2 Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing

559.3 We Gather Together


7.2 Lord Christ, When First You Came to Earth


5 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

6 Jesus Comes with Clouds Descending

9 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

153.1 He Is King of Kings

293.2 This Is My Father’s World

379.4 My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less ELW 596/597, GG 353, NCH 403, UMH 368, TFF 192Link

449 My Lord! What a Morning

467.4 How Great Thou Art


15 Rejoice! Rejoice, Believers

17 “Sleepers, Wake!” A Voice Astounds Us

341.3 Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine!

379.4 My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less

456 Awake, My Soul, and with the Son


83.3 O Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High

My Lord, what a morning   ELW 438, GG 352, UMH 719, TFF 40
Link to contemporary songs appropriate for Mark 13

Link for for this text


Both of these include Agnus Day and other cartoons
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Mark 13:24-37…223984.226104..227297…0.0..0.87.616.8……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….35i39j0i8i30.kld4u3pJeTQ&ei=ljl1XoegA8i9_AbAm4RY&bih=576&biw=1366&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS891US891

Images of church of St. Peter in Gallicantu (cock-crow)

See exegesis below re the places to “stay awake” including at the time of cockcrow


When things fall apart (good for preaching to grownups too!)

Carolyn Brown on children and the apocalypse


Link to our bulletin including youtube music & Scripture links. links!AuB3z496aTHTgcFAoraAggfvHmcIJg

Will add sermon link to that site when it is written.

Reader’s Theater Mark 13:1-8

Prepare a Way

(referencing Isaiah 40:3-5, Mark 1:3, Matthew 3:3, Luke 3:4)

In the lonely places
The wilderness
Where we stand forlorn
Windswept and alone
Your voice calls out
Prepare a way for the Lord
In the dark places
The shadows
Where we hide our fears
Embrace our tears
Your voice calls out
Prepare a way for the Lord

— written by John Birch and posted on the Faith and Worship website.

God of hope, we come to you in the midst of a world fraught with troubles. Although the darkness is powerful, open our eyes, Lord, to the light of your presence. Give us faith to stand against the voices of division and violence. Through your Spirit remake us into hope-filled disciples, discovering lives attune to your wonder, and sparking in others a desire to know you more. In the name of the One who comes to us, we pray, Amen.

— Rev. Nancy J, on her blog, wonderings through life and other such nonsense


ere’s a prayer from Walter Brueggemann.  It references Romans 8:18-25.

Waiting and Longing

God of the seasons,
God of the years,
God of the eons,
Alpha and Omega,
before us and after us.

You promise and we wait:
we wait with eager longing,
we wait amid doubt and anxiety,
we wait with patience thin
and then doubt,
and then we take life into our own hands.

We wait because you are the one and the only one.
We wait for your peace and your mercy,
for your justice and your good rule.

Give us your spirit that we may wait
obediently and with discernment,
caringly and without passivity,
trustingly and without cynicism
honestly and without utopianism,

Grant that our wait may be appropriate to your coming
soon and very soon,
soon and not late,
late but not too late.

We wait while the world groans in eager longing.

~ written by Walter Brueggemann, in Prayers for a Privileged People. on the Prayers and Creeds website.

Call to Worship

Pecking away at our computers, sitting in a knot of traffic:
we wait for you, God of all words, to speak to us.
Pacing the halls of a hospital, sitting outside the principal’s office:
we wait for you, God of comfort, to fill us with hope.
In the silence of each night, beginning each day’s new journey:
we wait for you, Steadfast Love, for you are our safe place.

Prayer of the Day

Keeper of every moment in eternity:
we come, not only to hear
those words which can transform us,
but to be filled with your grace and hope.
We have come, not out of habit,
but to respond to your call,
willing to be called away
from the familiar ways of our lives.

Walker of our journeys,
in the midst of our harried lives,
you call us to lay aside all that entangles us,
to follow you into service to others.
You invite us to step into
the waters of life and hope,
reaching out to draw others
to our side so, that together,
we might enter your kingdom
of laughter and joy.

When uncertainty fills every block
in our daily planners,
you come, Grace’s Companion,
to offer that hope which anchors
us in God’s heart;
to place our feet firmly
on that rock called peace;
to bring us safely to that haven
filled with God’s steadfast love

God in Community, Holy in One,
Rock of every age,
we offer the prayer Jesus has taught us,
Our Father . . .

— written by Thom Shuman, and posted on his Lectionary Liturgieswebsite.

Call to Worship Litany: Psalm 62: 5-12

Our salvation and honour come from God alone.

He is our refuge, and a Rock of safety.

We wait quietly before God, for our hope is in him,

our Rock and our Salvation.

O my people, trust him at all times.

Pour out your heart to him, for he is our refuge.

We wait quietly before God, for our hope is in him,

our Rock and our Salvation.

From the greatest to the lowliest—all are nothing in his sight.

If you weigh them on the scales, they are lighter than a puff of air.

We wait quietly before God, for our hope is in him,

our Rock and our Salvation.

Don’t try to get rich by extortion or robbery.

And if your wealth increases, don’t make it the centre of your life.

We wait quietly before God, for our hope is in him,

our Rock and our Salvation.

God has spoken plainly—we have heard it many times.

Power, O God, belongs to you; unfailing love, O Lord, is yours.

We wait quietly before God, for our hope is in him,

our Rock and our Salvation.

— based on the New Living Translation.

Call to Worship Litany

(based on Isaiah 40:21-31)

Have you not known?

Even youths will faint and be weary,

and the young will fall exhausted;

but we who wait for the Lord shall renew our strength.

Have you not heard?

We shall mount up with wings like eagles.

Has it not been told you from the beginning?

We shall run and not be weary.

Have you not understood from the foundations of the earth?

We shall walk and not be faint.

They who wait for the Lord.

We who wait for the Lord.

— written by Katherine Hawker, and posted on her Liturgies Outsidewebsite.

Sending Out: Good Friday

Here is a responsive closing for a Good Friday service.  It was written by Rev. Gord and posted on Worship Offerings.

Good Friday Sending

The story has been told,

and now we return to the world where we live and wait.

The worship is over?

No, the worship continues while we wait and watch.

Our worship will close after the stone has been removed

and the flame of hope has been re-lit.

So we go out to wait,

we watch for the hope that defies despair,

the life that defies death,

the beginning that defies the end.

While we wait,

while darkness covers the land of faith,

remember that no matter how abandoned we may feel

we are not alone.

God has not and will not abandon us.

Thanks be to God. Amen.

~ posted by Rev Gord on his blog, Worship Offerings.

Prayer of Intercession

(Luke 21, 1 Thessalonians 3:9-13, Psalm 25:1-10)

Our Lord Jesus calls us to watch and pray, so let’s do that now,

responding to Lord, in your mercy with come and save your people.

Lord Jesus, thank you for coming in the flesh at Bethlehem, and for coming to us whenever we gather in your name. Keep us alert and watchful through the dark night of this world, and give us confidence as we wait for your coming in glory.

Lord, in your mercy… come and save your people.

We pray for your church—its people and pastors. Keep us alert and watchful in support of one another, guard us from everything false and untrue, and shine on us with the light of your holy word.

Lord, in your mercy… come and save your people.

We pray for the people of the world. Wake all people up to your just judgment and to your saving blood.  Keep us alert and watchful as your witnesses in the world.

Lord, in your mercy… come and save your people.

We pray for the nations. Lift the eyes of those in authority to their duty to govern wisely and well, for the good of all. Curb all terror and replace it with peace.  Keep us alert and watchful to serve you by giving good service to others on our daily lives.

Lord, in your mercy… come and save your people.

Thank you for providing us with everything we need for daily living. Bring relief to all those affected by drought, and poverty. Keep us alert and watchful to the needs of others, and move us to give generously to appeals at Christmas time.

Lord, in your mercy… come and save your people.

Lord, stand by those who wake or watch or weep. Rest those who are weary. Soothe those who suffer.  Shield those who prosper. And come to those we know in particular need and whom we now name silently in our hearts… (brief silence)

Lord, in your mercy… come and save your people.

Lord Jesus, we do not know the day or the hour that you will come with great power and glory. Keep us always alert and watchful so we may welcome you with joy. For you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God now and forever.  Amen.

~ posted on the Lutheran Church of Australia’s Worship Planning Page.

Here’s a call to worship and opening prayer based on the scripture readings for Proper 8 B (Ordinary 13 B).  They come from the Ministry Matters website.

Call to Worship

(based on Psalm 130)

Wait for the Lord, like those who hope in God’s mercy.
God’s steadfast love endures forever.
Watch for God, like those who eagerly await the morning.
We watch for God, whose power redeems us.
Hear God’s hopeful word, like those who long for pardon.
Sing praise to God and rejoice in God’s love.

Opening Prayer

(inspired by Mark 5:21-43)

Loving God,
we are yours.
We come as we are,
with our cares and concerns.
We long to touch you
and find healing in your embrace.
Strengthen our faith
and heal our brokenness,
that we may worship you with joy. Amen.

— adapted from The Abingdon Worship Annual 2009, © 2008 Abingdon Press.  Posted on the Ministry Matters website.

Pastoral Prayer for Lent 2 B

(inspired by Mark 8:31-38)

God of compassion, the way of the cross is as much a mystery to us as it was to the immediate followers of Jesus. But we have heard how your grace is exercised in the journey of suffering and rejection experienced by Jesus. Help us to hear with ears inspired, to see with eyes opened to your ways, and to respond with lives committed to your service.

God of our Lenten journey, we watch and walk with Jesus.

We repent O God. We cannot name our own cross even though we try. You must show us the cross you give us. Help us see. Give us the faith to respond and follow Jesus. We have heard that it is in losing our life for the sake of Gospel of Jesus that we find our life.

God of our Lenten journey, we watch and walk with Jesus.

— from The Prayers of Our Church, written by Bishop Telmor Sartison.  Posted on the Worshipwebsite of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

The Path Ahead

(based on Mark 13: 24-37)

Watch out! Be alert!

Christ comes when you least expect it.

     In the beggar on the street,

     In the loved one at our table,

     In the stranger in our pew,

     In the refugee on our shores,

     In the hour of birth.

     In the hour of death.

With judgement and mercy, Christ comes.

Watch out! Be alert!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

the love of God,

and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit,


be with you now and always.


— written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s HomepageVisit his site for other wonderful lectionary-based worship resources.

Call to Confession:

Nothing makes our lack of control more obvious than our current situation; let us confess our reliance on God.


Lord, we had the best laid plans. The teacher were teaching, the doctors were healing, the calendars were full. And we had everything set. But plans are ephemeral, the illusion of control. Now all our best laid plans fail. We cobble together new ones, but they are ragged and imperfect. We have no best laid plans. All we have is you, O God. Be with us we pray. (Silent confession) Amen.

Adapted from Best Laid Plans Prayer by Barb & Len’s daughter, Rev. Katy Stenta.


Exegetical excerpts from my faves among the links below can be found at!AuB3z496aTHTgcFWlDPYFyomsajWcw

Greek lectionary for vv. 1-8 What is the foundation of your life?  And second, what is the destiny of life? Jesus as the cornerstone (cf. 12:10) and the days of fulfillment. The disciples actually ask, “Where are these stones from/What kind of stones are these?” (no adjective)

Greek lectionary for vv.24-37 Power and suffering/tribulations in the passage

NL links re this passage:,%2024-37&cof=FORID:10&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&search_domain=WWW

Includes these individual links:

A take on the apocalyptic power of the God

The birthpangs of deliverance—and remaining ready. Parallels between the times Jesus says the master may return and the upcoming betrayals related to his Passion. Yet there is still hope even for the faithless disciples.

What about the apocalyptic Jesus? it may be an important reminder to hear an ancient prophet cry out about the fragile nature of the world.

NL Holy Week context. How is Jesus near? In the Passion, the night, the darkness.**

NL: The Greatest Commandment and the Widow’s Mite: Mark 12:28-44 (March 22, 2020/Fourth Sunday of Lent)

Note: This passage raises questions about what Jesus means by noting the widow’s contribution. It is not clear whether he is commending her, condemning the authorities and/or both. We serve a congregation where we have many people living on fixed incomes in homes that are already paid for and who have very little, if any, “expendable” income, so caution and prayer are in order!  For a discussion of the pitfalls of the passage, see devouring the widows as primary to understanding “the widow’s mite”

all to Worship:

Come let us love the Lord!

Let us Love the God with all of our heart, soul and mind

Come Let us love one another and love God!

Let us praise God!



From Working Preacher from the NL perspective:

Includes addressing the horizontal/neighbor dimension as the necessary corollary to the vertical/Godward directive to love God and the widow’s mite as admirable due to her motivation.

Includes which notes this is (for a change) a friendly scribe. Only addresses vv. 28-34. also addresses only vv.28-34 from the perspective of a communal (rather than individual) identity.

Includes, which notes that widow’s mite is tied to what comes before and, in addition to being about giving one’s all, it exposed the religious leaders for their hypocrisy. And, it may just expose us all! Podcast: If you can’t remember all the commandments, can you at least do two?  Simple—but not easy. vv. 28-34 Podcast addressing the status of the poor widow and the most vulnerable and her living out the loving of neighbor of the great commandment in the context of the temple & Jesus’ interactions with the religious leaders of the day. vv. 35-44.

Other exegetical resources Catholic resource addressing love beyond formalism, love at the heart of our perfection. This sermon includes an illustration and a poem; only addresses vv. 28-34. Sermon addressing loving God in the different ways of the passage (only vv. 28-34). What keeps you from loving your neighbor? Busyness? Not wanting to see need? Uses Bob Dylan’s quote:  “May you always do for others and let others do for you” and has a story illustrating letting others do for you.  “Serving while living with disabilities” Every person is called to serve as they are able. Everybody belongs. Everybody serves. Addresses vv. 35-44. Pastor’s Bible study addressing the synoptic versions of the Great Commandment. Addresses vv. 28-34. Sermon series on loving God and loving neighbor.

Liturgical Resources  Reader’s theater version of Mark 12:28-34

Here’s the link to my bulletin!AuB3z496aTHTgcEOBjQ3Twy3sqAMzQ

Prayer Reflection: Mark 12: 28-34

“Love the Lord, your God
with all your heart
with all your soul
and with all
your mind.”

let this be.
Show us how.

“And love your neighbor as yourself.”

let this be
Take us where
we surely need to go.

your love be
the lens that lets us see,
the power that enlivens our lives,
light that points to the path,
and the very grace
that saves

Kindly fill us with your love.

— A. Osdieck. Copyright © 2011, The Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University. Visit that site for other lectionary-based prayers.

Benediction: The Lord is One

Here’s a closing commission and benediction based on Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and Matthew 12:28-34.  It was written by Nathan Nettleton.

Commission & Benediction

(inspired by Deuteronomy 6:4-5, Matthew 12:28-34)

Hear this: the Lord our God is the one and only Lord.
Therefore go out into the world
and love the Lord your God
with all your heart, soul, mind and strength,
and love others as you love yourself.

And may God give you justice and freedom;
May Christ Jesus set you free for love;
and may the Holy Spirit go where you go
……..and protect you on your way.

We go in peace to love and serve the Lord,
In the name of Christ. Amen.

~ Copyright © 2000 Nathan Nettleton

Children’s message (includes hymn & prayer of confession, see below)

Sing one song with which to love God and one about loving each other.  Introduce each identifying its purpose.  Two possibilities:

“For the Beauty of the Earth” for loving God

“Lord Help Us Accept Each Other” for loving each other

>  Base the Prayer of Confession on the two great commandments.  As you do, remember that children respond more to specifics than to generalities.  So you may want to name the currently “in” sport rather than simply “our sports.”  Read the commandments just before the congregation prays as follows

Lord God, we know that you are ONE and that you are the center of the whole universe

but we treat all sorts of things as if

they were more important than the one true God.

We say we give our hearts to you

but often our hearts are more devoted to

what we wear, to our sports, and to our friends.

We pour out our souls to you when we need you

but not when life is smooth and easy.

We mean to love you with all our minds

but our minds stray to what we want

and what others are saying.

We are more likely to use our strength to get what we need and want

than to get what you want for us and those around us.

We love the neighbors we choose to love

and only when they love us back.

Forgive us.  Write your commands on our hearts and souls and in our minds.  Work it into our muscles so that we may truly be your people.

We pray in the name of Jesus who poured out his heart and soul and mind and strength for us and forgives us when we turn on him.  Amen.


Christ is made the sure foundation   ELW 645, H82 518, NCH 400, UMH 559
Blessing and Honor   ELW 854

A new source I just found for contemporary Christian songs that includes the NL passages can be found at:;%20Psalm%2089:1-4%7D

For this pericope, they list:

No Other Gods

By David Moffitt. As performed by ZOE Group.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:28-34
Related to tags(s): Reign (via Mark 12:36);

Love the Lord

By Lincoln Brewster.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:30; Mark 12:33
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);

Hear Our Song

By Jadon Lavik, Marc Byrd, et al.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:1-2

Pour My Love On You

By Dan Dean, Gary Sadler.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:1
Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);

Sing Of Your Great Love

By Darlene Zschech.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:1
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);

Look To You

By Marty Sampson.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:32
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);

While We Still Have Time

By Ted Wortham, Cynthia Biggs. As performed by Cindy & Roy.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:38
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);

You Are The One

By Keith Green, Melody Green-Sievright.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:2
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);

More Love More Power

By Jude Del Hierro.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:30
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);

I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

By Martin Smith. As performed by Delirious?, SONICFLOOd, Encounter Worship Band.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:1
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);

You Are Mine

By Brad Avery, David Carr, et al. As performed by Third Day.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30); Love (via Mark 12:30);

Come Now is the Time to Worship

By Brian Doerksen.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:30

Beautiful Saviour

By Stuart Townend.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:1

Winter Snow

By Audrey Assad.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:33

Back where i belong

As performed by Life Worship.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:4

To Know Your Name

By Matt Crocker. As performed by Hillsong.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1); Love (via Mark 12:30); Name of Jesus (via Mark 12:35);

Concrete Castle King

By Lloyd Oliver Willis Sr.. As performed by Dennis Brown.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:38

No Greater Love

By Audrey Assad, Chris Tomlin, et al.

Related to tags(s): Poverty (via Mark 12:41); Love (via Mark 12:30); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);

Kings & Queens

By Chuck Butler, Joel Parisien, et al. As performed by Audio Adrenaline.

Related to tags(s): Poverty (via Mark 12:41); Social Justice (via Mark 12:31; Mark 12:40); Love (via Mark 12:30);

If We Are The Body

By Mark Hall.

Related to tags(s): Social Justice (via Mark 12:31; Mark 12:40); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1); Love (via Mark 12:30);

Compassion Hymn

By Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, et al.

Related to tags(s): Social Justice (via Mark 12:31; Mark 12:40); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);

God Of Justice

By Tim Hughes.

Related to tags(s): Social Justice (via Mark 12:31; Mark 12:40); Poverty (via Mark 12:41); Justice (via Mark 12:31);

The Lost are Found

By Ben Fielding, Sam Knock.

Related to tags(s): Social Justice (via Mark 12:31; Mark 12:40); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1); Justice (via Mark 12:31);

One Thing Remains (Your Love Never Fails)

By Brian Johnson, Christa Black, et al. As performed by Kristian Stanfill, Jesus Culture, Bethel Live.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30);

Lead Me

By Chris Rohman, Jason Ingram, et al.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);

The Power Of The Cross

By Keith Getty, Stuart Townend.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);


By Vicky Beeching.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);

Oh, Great Love Of God

By David Crowder, Mark Waldrop, et al. As performed by David Crowder Band.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);

My Hope

By Edward Mote, Matt Redman, et al.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Name of Jesus (via Mark 12:35);

This Is How We Know

By Beth Redman, Matt Redman.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);

Ancient Skies

By Michael Gungor, Michael Rossback. As performed by Gungor.

Related to tags(s): Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1);

I Will Go

By Allen Salmon, Jon Neufeld, et al. As performed by Starfield.

Related to tags(s): Social Justice (via Mark 12:31; Mark 12:40); Poverty (via Mark 12:41);

Rock Of Ages You Will Stand

By Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30);

Micah 6:8

By Charlie Hall.

Related to tags(s): Justice (via Mark 12:31); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1); Witness (via Mark 12:33);

Jesus You Are Worthy

By Brenton Brown, Don Williams.

Related to tags(s): Mercy (via Psalm 89:1); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);

Jesus Messiah

By Chris Tomlin, Daniel Carson, et al.

Related to tags(s): Messiah (via Mark 12:36); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);

How Beautiful

By Twila Paris.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);


By Brad Avery, David Carr, et al.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);

I Will Always Love Your Name

By Paul Oakley.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);


By Martin Smith.

Related to tags(s): Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30); Love (via Mark 12:30);

There Is A Redeemer

By Melody Green-Sievright.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Messiah (via Mark 12:36);

How Deep The Father’s Love For Us

By Stuart Townend. As performed by Instrumental Worship.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);

Good To Me

By Craig Musseau.

Related to tags(s): Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1);

You Never Let Go

By Beth Redman, Matt Redman.

Related to tags(s): Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30); Love (via Mark 12:30);


By Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche.

Related to tags(s): Judgment (via Mark 12:40); Kingdom (via Psalm 89:4); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1);


By Chris Tomlin. As performed by Encounter Worship Band, Robin Mark.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30);

Amazing Love

By Graham Kendrick.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);

You Are Good

By Israel Houghton.

Related to tags(s): Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1);

Sweetly Broken

By Jeremy Riddle.

Related to tags(s): Justice (via Mark 12:31); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1); Love (via Mark 12:30);

You Bled

By Rend Collective Experiment.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);Image result for Sacrifice of love

Parable of the Tenants Lent Seeds of Prayer, Narrative Lectionary

Mark 12:1-12 [13-17]

Psalm 86: 8-13

Image result for God is always on time

Call to Worship

Lord you call to all people to serve

From the tiny babies, to the last minute workers

You welcome all into the kingdom

Let us praise God!

Prayer of Confession: Lord we confess that we do not understand your upsidedown world of grace. How can you let everyone in? How can we let everyone in? Help us to give you the power and the glory forever we pray.

Prayer of Confession: Lord please stoop down and whisper in my ear, for I confess I am needy, be gracious to me. I am crying for you all the day long, listen to my prayer. Comfort me I pray.

Prayer of Confession: Lord, my heart is divided. Reverence of you is out of reach. I have forgotten your ways. Teach me so I might walk in your truth I pray.

Assurance of Pardon: The Lord is good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call out to God. We can know the good news In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Prayer of Dedication/Prayer of the Day: Lord please gladden the soul of your servant. I lift up my soul. In the day of trouble I call on you, for you will answer. Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth. Give me an undivided heart to revere your name.

Communion Prayer: Lord, you stooped kneeling into the fully human Jesus, as Christ himself, speaking our language, eating our food, teaching our children. And when the world seemed to be ending and Jesus was betrayed and again when he ascended into heaven he promised to send his Holy Spirit to be present among us, blessing us, inspiring us and encouraging us. Send that Holy Spirit here today so we can taste and see your way we pray. Amen

With Children: Play Mother May I (Let everyone win), Have a Feast/Party: Let everyone take part in waves, Do a puzzle note how it doesn’t matter what order the pieces come as long as they are all there; or create a puzzle or color different pieces of the same picture and put them together

Hymns: Jesus the Very Thought of Thee, Come Down O Love Divine, Open My Eyes that I May See, Blessed Assurance Jesus is Mine, Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart, Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, If I Had a Thousand Tongues to Sing

For more Lent Resources on Mark

Bartimaeus Healed Lent Seeds of Prayer Narrative Lectionary

Mark 10:32-52

Psalm 34:11-14

A Full Bulletin by Rev. Dr. Barbara Hedges-Goettl

Call to Worship:

I will bless the Lord at all times

I will praise God’s Holy Name

Let the humble hear and be glad

O magnify the Lord with me, let us exalt God’s name together!

Call to Worship:

The Lord is near the brokenhearted

God saves those who feel crushed in spirit!

Remember God will save every last person who calls out, and the Last shall be First.

Let us Praise God, full of grace.

Prayer of Dedication/Prayer of the Day: Let us all depart from evil! Remember do good, seek peace and pursue it.

Prayer of Confession: In a world of buried Praises, we confess that we still hesitate to cry out Hosanna: save us! Why do we hesitate to call on you. Only you know oh God. Open our mouths up with prayers whether they are full of praise or full of anguish. Help us to confess our full selves to you we pray. Hosanna Lord!

Communion Prayer: God thank you so much for this meal and this communion with one another and you. You feed us with your good and your love, indeed with your very essence so we are able to carry on in this world. Feed us with the strength of your Holy Spirit, bless us in whatever order you wish, teach us to serve now and always we pray.

Prayer of Confession: Lord we confess that we argue about who gets to sit next to you, not able to hear that whenever you come to earth you will be found on your knees serving. Teach us to serve, so we might find our place beside you we pray.

Assurance of Pardon: The Lord redeems the life of all who serve God, none who take refuge will be condemned. Hear the Great News: In Jesus Christ we are forgiven

Hymns: He is King of Kings, Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God, Jesus Jesu Fill Us With Your Love, Lift High the Cross, Called to Partners in Christ’s Service, Amazing Grace

With Children: Build with Blocks (talk about the construction and what will happen is the bottom block is taken out), Create a Serving Calendar of one thing to do every week of Lent, draw invisible hearts with white crayons: Have the children watercolor to reveal God’s Love.

For more Lent Resources on Mark


Lent Seeds of Prayer for Narrative Lectionary Mark


Lent: Deconstructing Our Temples 

March 1st  First Last & Last First: Mark 10:17-31& Psalm 19:7-10 Deconstructing Order

March 8th Bartimaeus Healed: Mark 10:32-52 &Psalm 34:11-14 Deconstructing Power

March 15th Parable of the Tenants/Taxes and Caesar: Mark 12:1-12 [13-17] & Psalm 86:8-13 Deconstructing Time/Value/Work

March 22 Great Commandment: Mark 12:28-44 & Psalm 89:1-4 Deconstructing Rules

March 29 End of the Age: Mark 13:1-8, 24-37 & Psalm 102:12-17 Deconstructing Time

Holy Week: Rebuilding the Temple

April 5 Triumphal Entry/Anointing at Bethany/Palm Sunday: Mark 11:1-11; 14:3-9 & Psalm 118:25-29

April 9 Maundy Thursday/Lord’s Supper/Prayer in Gethsemane: Mark 14:22-42 & Psalm 116:12-19

April 10 Good Friday/Crucifixion: Mark 15:16-39 & Psalm 22:1-2, 14-21

April 12 Easter Sunday/Resurrection: Mark 16:1-8 & Psalm 118:21-27

Narrative Lectionary Transfiguration Seeds of Prayer

Psalm 27

Mark 8:27-9:8

Call to Worship

The Lord is my light and my salvation

Whom should I fear?

The Lord is the stronghold of my life, of whom should I be afraid?

Only you God, are worthy of praise, let us praise the Lord.

Prayer of Confession Lord, I am so fixated on making my life profitable. I want to be famous, or rich, or well liked. I do not want to take up my cross and follow, the world’s easy ways tempt me. Remind me of your kingdom and power forever I pray. Amen

Prayer of Confession: God I don’t want to know that you are going to die for me. It makes me feel weak, worthless, angry and sad all at the same time. Who am I that you are going to die for me. Remind me who I am in your eyes I pray. 

Prayer of Confession: (unison) Help us to wait for you, O Lord. Be strong and take heart, you say. Give us the courage as we wait for the Lord. Send us forth believing that we will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living we pray. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon: God gave us his beloved son so we might hear and know the truth: In Jesus Christ we are forgiven. 

Assurance of Pardon: God is our shelter from sin, his grace covers me so I know the truth. In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Prayer of the Day/Dedication: One thing I ask, O Lord, that I may live in your house all the days of my life. Shelter me so that I might live in the shadow of your love today and everyday I pray. Amen

Prayer of the Day/Dedication: Help us to wait for you, O Lord. Be strong and take heart, you say. Give us the courage as we wait for the Lord we pray. Amen.

Hymns: Lift High the Cross, I want To Be a Christian in My Heart, Somebody’s Knocking at your Door, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty, Lift Up the Gates Eternal, Called to Partners in Christ’s Service, God is My Strong Salvation, Take My Life, Jesus on the Mountain Peak, O Wondrous Sight, O Vision Fair, Be Thou My Vision

With Children: Books Red, I Don’t Want to be a Frog, Transmorgificaion (Calvin and Hobbes box have them walk thru to be more themselves, Play with White Clay (Talk about how clay is always clay but dry/fired clay is different than wet clay)


Image result for Take up your cross

Image here

Seeds of Prayer: What Defiles? Narrative Lectionary

Mark 7:1-23

Psalm 51:1-3,6-7

Image result for psalm 51"

Exegetical Resources

Call to Worship

O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will declare your praise.

For you accept all worship, no matter how imperfect, as long as it is sincere

Write your love on my lips and my head and my heart

That I might reflect it back to you in praise

Call to Worship

Symbols of worship are well and good, but Lord open my heart so that I might be filled with your Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Come! Inspire us to Praise, Encourage us to Praise, Counsel us about who your are!

Lord create in us a new heart for you, for you are holy

Come Let us Praise the Lord

Prayer for Confession: Have mercy on me, O God. My sins itch in my soul. Soothe them away with your love. The jarring of my wrongs disturb the harmonies of my life. Sing them away with your grace. Comfort me, that I can still come into your perfect presence, and teach me your ways Lord. 

Prayer of Confession: I am but a bag of crushed bones, weighed down by sins. I feel stuck. Deliver me God, so that I can once again sing of your deliverance I pray.

Assurance of Pardon: God promises to never ever leave us. As reliable as the mountains, as varied as the rainbow, as cyclical as a garden, God’s love never fails us. Therefore know the Truth: In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Assurance of Pardon: God will restore our salvation again and again, sustaining in us a willing spirit. Know the truth: In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Assurance of Pardon: Hear the good news Jesus has already come, restoring us to salvation. Know the truth: In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Eucharist Prayer: God is love incarnate. When words and stars and rainbows and columns of burning fire and even covenants written in stone failed to impart the magnitude of God’s love to us, God embodied love for us in the boundary breaking, truth telling, justice fighting person of Jesus Christ. And I will tell us that Christ was born for us, Christ dies for us, Christ reigns in his Kingdom for us and Christ promises to return. We await that return with baited breath. Practicing the Kingdom meal over and over again, until the act of tasting a single crumb of bread and a single drop of the cup will serve help us to realize that heaven is home. We are practicing this here and now, Jesus, so please send your Holy Spirit here to embody, encourage, embolden and counsel us in all the ways we need to be coaxed into the kingdom. Lead us there today and throughout our day, year and life we pray.

Prayer of Dedication/Prayer of the Day: Holy God, heaven and earth are full of your glory. Grant us the echoes of grace we need to sustain our life, our hope, our faith we pray. 

Hymns: Holy, Holy, Holy  Lord God Almighty, Create in Me a Clean Heart, If I had  thousand Tongues to Sing, Amazing Grace, O God in a Mysterious Way

More Resources for Narrative Lectionary Year 2

Death of John the Baptist

Mark 6:1-29

Psalm 122


Call to Worship

I was glad when they said unto me, let us go to the house of the Lord

Let us build this as a place of peace and security 

For the sake of our friends and family let us say to one another Peace be with you

Peace be with you, come let us seek good 

Call to Worship:

We are called and sent two by two

God provides us all we need

Let us pray and anoint and heal together

Come let us worship the Lord

Prayer of Confession: God we confess that we do not go into the world, we stay on the known path. We lack courage, we forget the weak, we ignore suffering. We do not honor each other, we have trouble loving and serving the Lord. Restore us to your house and teach us how to pass the peace we pray. Amen. 

Prayer of Confession:Discipleship is so hard, Lord. Often we are carrying too much baggage with us from place to place to place. When we are hurt, we have trouble shaking the dust off our feet and hear the echoes of what was said before. We doubt that we have the authority to banish demons. Encourage us in our discipleship we pray

Prayer of Confession: God, we confess that discipleship is hard. Often we carry baggage with us from place to place, much more than the recommended staff. We have trouble shaking the dust off our feet from troubling experiences. We struggle to take on the authority to banish demons. Help us to be the disciples you would have us to be.

Assurance of Pardon: Peace be with you. God’s grace reigns down and proclaims the truth In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Prayer of Dedication/Prayer of the Day: Lord, help us to seek the good. Help us to say Peace be with you for every single individual we meet, for the sake of all of our community for our friends, neighbors and families. Let us pray for peace within all our walls we pray.

Communion: Let us give thanks to the Prince of Peace, who welcomes us into the kingdom with a celebratory meal, bringing us together. The bread and cup tie us together, build our community and sends us out for the work of peace. May we share Christ by sharing the peace here today and everyday.

Hymns: Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God, We will serve the Lord, Called to Partner’s in Christ’s Service, All Hail for Christ’s Anointed, Be Thou My Vision, For All the Saints, Lead On O King Eternal

With Children: Pack for a trip (pretend pack with paper items), Talk about/write down hurtful words and things: rip them up/shake the dust from your feet, Anoint each other with oil and pray for each other.

Other Weeks of Seeds of Prayer Narrative Lectionary Resources available here

Image result for Jesus sends disciples mark 6

Image result for Jesus sends disciples mark 6

Communion Prayer by Rev. Dr. Barb Hedges-Goettl


B: Come to me,

all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens,

and I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me;

for I am gentle and humble in heart,

and you will find rest for your souls.


L: I am the bread of life.

Whoever comes to me will never be hungry,

and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.


Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

for they will be filled.


Prayer of Great Thanksgiving

B: O God, you commanded light to shine out of darkness.

You divided the sea and dry land.

You created the vast universe and called it good.

You made us in your image,

sending out your light and truth to lead us

to you and to your holy dwelling.

The sum of your word is truth;

You speak the truth, and declare what is right

And so we praise and thank you, O Lord.  


L: Then in the fullness of time,

out of your great love for the world,

you sent your only-begotten,

in whom your fullness dwells,

to be for us the way, the truth, and the life.

Revealing your truth and your love,

Jesus taught those who would hear him.

He healed those who believed in him.

He received all who sought him

and lifted the burden of their sin.

And so we praise and thank you, O Lord.  


B: In fulfillment of Christ’s promise,

you pour out the Holy Spirit upon your people,

filling us with the power of your truth.

By the Holy Spirit’s power over us

and over these earthly gifts of bread and wine,

you make this the communion of the body and blood of Christ,

and unite us to him and to one another.

And so we praise and thank you, O Lord.  


Prayer after communion

B: Having received this gift of communion, O God,

We ask that you kindle faith in us. Lead us into all truth,

Empower us to claim Jesus as the way, the truth and the life.

May his coming in glory find us

ever watchful in prayer,

strong in truth and love,

and faithful in the breaking of the bread. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.




L: May the light of Christ

B: illuminate your way

L: show you the truth,

B: and empower you to live for him.

2: Until you feast with all the saints

in joy of Christ’s heavenly banquet. Amen.


Seeds of Prayer Jairus’ Daughter Healed

Jairus’ Daughter Healed

Mark 5:21-43

Psalm 131

Bulletin Resource written by Barb Hedges-Goettl

Call to Worship

Lord, we are imperfect and unready

Yet, Jesus says, child come.

We will come, whenever you call, for you are full of grace and healing

Let us worship the one who is the power and the resurrection forever.

Call to Worship

Come let us contemplate the Lord together

God your works are too marvelous for me to comprehend

Yet, like a weaned child with it’s mother, we are comforted

Come let us put our hope in the Lord

Prayer of Confession: God, I confess that I am unable to fully understand you in all of your might. When I am overwhelmed, lead me back to you, comfort me, nuzzle me, calm and quiet my soul I pray. Amen

Prayer of Confession: God, today, like the woman who suffered for twelve years, I come to you with an open wound. No healing has taken place, and my pain is dripping on the floor, embarrassing me. Teach me to but touch you today so that the healing I need may start I pray. Amen

Prayer of Confession: My soul cries out for the Lord, like a child. I sit on the floor and I scream, feeling like nothing will every be right again. But then you pick me up, hug me, feed me and put me safely to bed, enveloping me in your love. Surround me with that comfort I pray.

Princess Bride

Assurance of Pardon: God you are our comfort when the rest of the world is full of rocks and scrapes, no matter what scoop us down and put us back on our feet again and again. In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Assurance of Pardon: There is no mistake too big for God to forgive. That’s why God sent Jesus. Know the truth: In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Prayer of the Day/Dedication: God, you leave the light on for all of your children. Help us to go out into the world and invite others into your love we pray. Amen.

Prayer of the Day/Dedication: Lord, you will repeat your message of love as often as we need to hear it. Let us echo in our minds, hearts and souls we pray.

Prayer of Communion: Lord, what have I to fear from you. You who loved us into being, breathing life into us, gifting us with the entire world to take care of. Then when we stumbled, you sent Jesus to be our sibling and make us co-heirs to your kingdom. You have assured a place for us in your house, and you make us welcome with the Kingdom meal, even here and now on earth. Send your Holy Spirit upon this feast so that we may celebrate communion with entire family of God we pray.

Hymns: This is Our Father’s World, Blessed Assurance Jesus is Mine, God is My Rock

With Children: Create a picture/clay/image of a mother God comforting a baby. Look through parenting magazine and create a collage of all the mothers and babies/children. Runaway Bunny, You are My I Love You, Follow the Moon, Take turns “sleeping” and having Jesus wake you up as Jairus’ child. Interrupting Chicken books, Talk about Important interruptions

Other Weeks of Seeds of Prayer Narrative Lectionary Resources available here


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