Matthew 25

Jesus: when I am hungry
Don’t choke me

When I knock on your doors
Don’t shoot me

When I seek Gender affirming care
Don’t legislate me

When I seek asylum
Don’t arrest me

When I’m an orphan
Don’t put me to work illegally

When I’m suspected by police
Don’t kill me

When I’m sick
Don’t tell me to do yoga

When I’m in mental crises
Don’t call the cops

When I’m lonely
Don’t hand me a pamphlet

When I do sex work
Don’t judge me

When I am frail
Don’t ignore me

When I am imprisoned
seek my freedom

When I hear the racism so loud, if you notice

When I am a rape victim
Listen and believe

Do not ask where was
When you reach my Kingdom

You met me, it is I
I am within all of your human siblings

You have but to look
You treat me, how you treat those you consider the least of these

How I long to hold them under my wing
And give them the care they need