Christmas is not Cancelled: The Struggle is Real!

A gentle reminder that Christmas is not cancelled. Because it can’t be.

It’s never been about the presents (Grinch) or the to do lists (Charlie Brown) or even the beautiful worship (Best Christmas Pageant Ever).

It has never been dependent on family being able to make it: there has always been weather and travel delays, there has always been illness and other unforeseeable hurdles (Skipping Christmas).

It has never just been about being joyful (Blue Christmas worship and song).

It hasn’t even been about being home (I’ll be Home for Christmas).

Or being perfect (A Christmas Carol, Gift of the Magi).

And sometimes it’s just chaos! (Mixed Nuts, “A Lot Like Christmas” by Connie Willis).

My housekeeping style is best described as "There appears to have been a  struggle." Teeheehee...Yep! Nowadays that is a fact. | Funny pictures, Haha  funny, Funny

And reaches out unexpectedly (Dear God).

Why do we have all of these stories and songs and movies about how Christmas happens anyway?

Jesus was born in the middle of the first census, in the middle of an unjust system, where his people were occupied and oppressed, where the powers and principalities only cared about their own comfort and wealth.

Jesus was born unexpectedly, in a weird place, to an unmarried self-possessed woman and an open minded and understanding father. He was born far away from his home, and had to flee to Egypt where he probably lived with distant relatives for a while.

Jesus comes in the most imperfect circumstances to remind us, Christmas is not dependent on us.

Just like we said at the beginning of the pandemic the hope and love and family is not cancelled; Christmas is not cancelled, it can’t be.

And if you feel overwhelmed, or mournful that’s ok. Those are legitimate feelings for Christmas.

And if you need to tell yourself one of the many, many Christmas Stories to comfort yourself, do.

Look at how many disastrous Christmases we’ve thought of, because disaster is a part of Christmas, but it’s ok because Christ is too.

Christ is not cancelled, and neither are we. Let us mourn, be lonely, love and celebrate in whatever way we can this year, because I promise God understands.

That’s why Jesus is coming in the first place.


Feel free to share/use with Credit to Pastor Katy Stenta