Stuck in a Room: Contemplating Pentecost


I am imagining the disciples, stuck in a room together.

Staying safe.


Yet sick of each other at the same time.


So stuck, they had nothing to do. And didn’t know what to say.

Can you imagine, followers of Jesus not knowing what to say?

But Jesus was gone, peacing out to heaven, to work from home, Jesus ascended back to his Father.

Telecommuting was just not the same.

So here were the disciples, stuck.

And, somehow, they were given gifts–arriving like packages in the mail.

The disciples unwrapped:

the words they couldn’t find,

the wisdom to take the time they needed

the knowledge to think on their feet

the healing to pass on to others

the miracles to see God at work in the toughest times

the prophecies to tell the truth to power

the discernment to see how spirits work

the interpretation necessary to understand tongues,

and the learning needed to speak in tongues.

All of these gifts were given, according to the disciples’ abilities, one body, one spirit, one baptism;

many gifts.

As we are stuck, remind us that we too are disciples, we too are gifted according to our abilities.

Empower us to be the body of Christ we pray.

Remind us of our gifts….

Point us to the need…..

And invite us into ministry and discipleship as you do every Pentecost we pray.


Gifts of the Holy Spirit Plea/Prayer

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Pentecost, Gifts of the Spirit Seeds of Faith narrative Lectionary

Gifts of the Spirit

Acts 2:1-4; 1 Cor 12:1-13

(Mark 1:4-8)

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Stuck in a Room: Contemplating Pentecost

Gifts of the Holy Spirit Plea/Prayer

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Call to Worship

Lord we come here to celebrate our baptism

One Body, One Spirit, One Baptism, One Body of God

Bathe us once again, in the Holy Spirit

Come let us gather and greet the Lord

Call to Worship

Lord remind us that we are one in the Spirit

Help us to recognize your gifts, we pray

Let us use our gifts today and everyday

Let us use them to glorify the Lord

Confession: Lord, God we are feeling trapped and uninspired. We are weary. What do we say in times like this? How can we help those in need? How do we heal from this mass trauma? We feel alone. Breathe on us once again–give us live and inspiration and strength. Encourage us. Ennerve us. Energize us. Advocate for us, we pray.

Assurance of Pardon: God’s grace breathes upon us like a soothing breeze in the scorching heat. Know that God always loves us. Live into the refreshing forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

Prayer of Communion: Lord, before we even existed, your Spirit danced upon the water, blowing it’s presence across the earth. Then you formed us out of clay and breathed us into being. Then your Holy Spirit accompanied Christ: sometimes encouraging him, sometimes becoming the driving force behind him. Then when Jesus ascended into heaven, the Holy Spirit was sent to the disciples, as an advocate. So we ask for you to breathe once again here, upon these common elements. Transform them through the power of the Holy Spirit to carry the body and blood of Christ. Commune us together Holy Spirit: with all those who have celebrated communion, all those who are celebrating and all those who will celebrate communion. Create with us the invisible, present and virtual Church made real in Christ. We pray this is the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer of Dedication/the Day: Lord, bless us so that we can be a blessing we pray. Remind us of our gifts. And when our gifts feel like a burden or a curse, remind us to rest and eat and to breathe, so that we might once again do our work in joy, we pray.


All resources can be used with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta


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