Election Day Prayer

Do not put your trust in Princes
God says

Care for the widows and the Least of these-
Lord Hear our Prayer
as I walk towards the booth, wary of those who are in line with me

Care for the Stranger and Immigrant, for you may care for Angels Unawares
echoes in my brain, as I trace the bubbles with smudgy pen

Woman, I hear you, I picture Jesus saying
as I see the name of the candidates who disregard
the healthcare of pregnant people and victims of abuse

Put not your trust in any human power–but my hope is in the Lord
who gives justice to those that suffer wrong
and bread to all those who hungers

God keeps promises better than any human
or politician.

This is why good administration is ministry
This is why voting and crying is ministry
This is why we do our best to care.

This is what I carry to the ballot box
That God will open the eyes that need to be opened
and lift up those who are bowed down
and free those who are bound–

Turn the wicked UpsideDown God.
I’ll help where I can.
And watch you work miracles.

Feel free to use/adapt/share with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta