Paul’s Mission

Acts 13:1-3; 48-18
Matthew 10:40-42

Call to Worship
When we are welcomed
God you call us
When we heal
God you call us
When we feed one another
God you call us
Come let us serve the Lord
Come let us worship the Lord

Call to confession: Let us confess ourselves to the God who loves us and welcome us exactly as we are

Confession: God we confess that we do not believe that those who welcome us welcome Christ. We confess that we have trouble believing ourselves one minute to be imposters and the next taking on too much for Christ. Help us to find balance in serving you. Give us the strength, patience and understanding we need. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon: Be assured, Christ loves us and walks with us in disciples, so know the truth In Jesus Christ we are forgiven, Amen

Prayer of the Day Dedication: May we walk with Christ, as he walks with us our discipleship we pray. Amen