God of the Rainbow Coat


when you looked into Joseph’s face, laced with drama;

when you saw his heart–full of queer notions…

And his coat that was gay to its core.

When you truly got to know who Joseph was.

Then, and only then did you call him by name.

I know this, because you are God, and you are with us.

You don’t call us as strangers who might be able to help.

You call us as beloved children who you know can be more fulfilled serving others.

You didn’t ask Joseph to take of his rainbow coat, or to change, or to be better–you just asked him to come.

And it is beautiful that you can take a dreaming boy, who was too flamboyant, and dramatic, and talked to much, and turned his dreams into hope.

First for all of Egypt, and then for the very siblings that betrayed him.

May we all have the grace to remember that God calls us exactly as we are. Remind us, that just as God knows each and every star, God knows and calls us all by name.

We pray in Christ’s most Holy Name.


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