Crumbs of Prayer: Pieces of the Lord’s Prayer

Lord God, we are meditating with you–praying your words as they tumble out of our hearts today.

For you are the power and kingdom and glory forever.

Let us pray forever, for you are forever, and everything belongs to you creator, redeemer an sustainer. We are lifting our voice to the neverending story of your love. You rule us all as the shepherd herds cats, as the gateway that swings open again and again, as the justicemaker straightens pathways and levels mountains for us all.

Your will be done,

Because when I choose, I choose for myself, not for my community.

Your will because my vision is so narrow. I can only think for me or people like me. True compassion and understanding are so hard to grasp.

Your will be done, because your will is for each and every one of your children.

Forgive us our debts,

with you–finally no one is hungry. There are no landlords in heaven, because everyone has a place to stay. There is no greed in heaven because no one hungers for more.

There is simply, and a perfectly, enough for everyone. And the surety of sufficiency is so great greed dissolves like a mint on the tongue. Debts disappear.

You art in heaven the place where we all want to be, because that’s where there is enough:

where there is enough room in God’s house–enough room for me, and all those who I love, and all of our messes, and somehow, miraculously our messes don’t trip each other up.

Your will be done, because the kingdom heaven is like a feast where no one comes in too early or arrives too late, and there is no dress code or assigned seats.

Your Kingdom come

because the kingdom of heaven is like a tree where all the birds in all of their varieties and colors–in all of their sexualities and genders–can sing together in appreciative harmony.

Our Father, Our Mother, mommy, daddy, Beloved Parent

Your kin-dom, where we are all family. Where no one is rejected. Where the lost are welcome back.

As we Forgive each other

Because we want to learn forgiveness, because we are tired of war and debts and racism and rage. Because we need to take the chip off our shoulders and walk humbly. Because we cannot know you until we know grace.

Lord, sometimes we pray the Lord’s prayer so fast, it jumbles up in our minds–but sometimes that’s how we declare Hallow be Thy name not in logical or order but in drops of grace, spilled upon our hearts. We lift these crumbs of prayer to you; oh God.

Feel free to use parts or all with credit to Pastor Katy Stenta


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