In the Garden: Social Distanced Prayer

Stay here while I pray

Jesus asked  at Gethsemane

He placed disciples to sit nearby, but not with him

Going a little further, he went to the garden to pray alone.

Socially distanced, Jesus asked the disciples to stay present, but leave him alone.

It was so hard they failed, not once, not twice but three times.

They were asked to watch, and wait and be nearby, but not too close.

I wonder if they tried to pray while they were waiting.

I know Jesus asked them to be aware of what was going on around them as they waited.

Easy right?

I wonder why Jesus asked them to be there.

I no longer wonder why it was so difficult.


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7 Replies to “In the Garden: Social Distanced Prayer”

  1. I tried to figure out your last name because I have used two of your writings in the past week. They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift and passion with us. Keep them coming. They are truly helpful.
    I had a person say to me after I used it that it brought them to tears and exactly what she needed. I shared your blog with her. Such a gift…

    Rev. Jen Evans, M.Div, M.A.C.E.

    Associate Pastor for Youth, Young Adults, and Families with Young Children
    Second Presbyterian Church
    600 Pleasant Valley Road
    Little Rock, AR 72227
    office: 501.227.0000
    mobile: 704.519.9091

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