Prayer for Enemies

Dear God, I don’t want to pray for my enemies today. Because today my enemies are the enemies of children. They are those who can see crying children and ignore their pleas for safety and basic healthcare. They arrest people and tear families apart. They rationalize their hate by dehumanizing others. And yet, I cannot dehumanize these individuals, because if I do, somehow, they’ve won. So I’m praying for my enemies today. A prayer that cries out to the Lord “How Long?” A prayer that rends my soul, a prayer that places everything I can’t handle directly into the palm of God’s hands. And then I cry a little bit, and try to figure out how to be vocal and act in ways that reflect my prayer. Because, I remember, that’s how prayer works. Help us all Lord, I pray. Restore us. Remind us all of our humanity, and be with us we pray. Amen. image.png

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