Wedding Banquet Thoughts/Notes

I’m basically thinking about how/why we I’m basically thinking about how/why we have customs to attend weddings in this day and age of how to show graciousness and love and blessings to the couple and how much more we can do that for God

Traditionally you don’t wear white so you don’t show up the bride, or black because that is super rude and I wonder if people wore their “look at me” clothes instead of their “Look at God” clothes


same thing with the invite everyone who was too busy being imp to show up or to celebrate or participate (think of it’s your family member/best friends getting married you wouldn’t miss it)–see below via Rev. Tuhina Verma Rasche


Liturgy resource:


Or From the Mom Perspective!


Kingdom of heaven is a like meal God made in celebration and wants us all to eat together but some of us are too busy and imp to come and some of us come to show off/celebrate ourselves instead if God/the wedding and this is after God cooked in the kitchen all day and invited us fifty billion times. It gives me all the mom feels


Also if Jesus is setting the table for the Last Supper, I think he did a pretty good job. Everyone did come right?

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