Prayer Links for Advent Narrative Lectionary Dec. 10th

A broad number of prayers from a variety of pastors/denominations. All variations of theology and kinds of prayers were accepted to show the vast richness of God’s work.
 These prayers are meant for personal spiritual practice or for congregations who follow the narrative lectionary.

Feel free to use/edit. Credit to the original author (i.e. based on prayer written by XXX) appreciated.

Dec 10th 2017 Prayer Resource Created by Rev. Mike Williams

Call to Worship:
Leader: The frenzied pace of the holiday season and a frantic news cycle can leave us dry and brittle.
People: And yet, the hand of the Lord still comes upon us.
Leader: We find ourselves in the valley wondering whether life is possible.
People: And yet, the Spirit sets us down where we need to be.
Leader: We come together today seeking to hear the Word of the Lord.
People: Come, Lord God, speak to us. Breathe upon us, that we may live.
Call to Confession:
The Lord has spoken to us through prophets and through God’s own Son, Jesus Christ. Despite this, we often feel lost and completely cut off. Confession is an opportunity to take an honest look at ourselves and to ask for the Holy Spirit to come upon us once more. Please join me as we pray together the prayer of confession…
Prayer of Confession:
O Lord, our God, you have called us to be your people and to stand on your Word. Even though you have granted us hope, breath, and life itself, we confess that we have allowed the noise, violence, and injustice of this world to dry up our faith. Sin leads us to graves of our own making. Speak to us once more, O God. Bring us back. Help us to live. Cause us once more to know that your Son, Jesus Christ, is our Lord and Savior. Amen.
Words of Assurance:
Mortals, the good news of our faith is this, Jesus has opened up the grave and brought us back to the land of the living. We have been forgiven. The Holy Spirit is at work within us. We shall live as God’s own people. Know that the Lord has spoken and acted on our behalf. Through Christ we can be at peace. Amen.
Passing of the Peace:
In his vision, Ezekiel saw the life-giving power of God’s Spirit at work. That same Holy Spirit is present with us in worship today. Let us share the peace that we have received through the passing of the peace.
Lighting of the Advent Candle:
Reader 1: Our world is often frightening and overwhelming. Peace seems absent from the headlines. Such situations are nothing new. Ezekiel lived in a time of exile. His vision of a valley of dry bones reminds us that people have always dealt with violence and injustice. Peace was in as short supply then as it is today. Fortunately, God did not allow the story to end there. Ezekiel was called to prophesy a message of restoration, life, and peace.
Reader 2: During Advent we prepare to receive the one who was able to overcome death and offer us everlasting peace. Today we light the candle of peace. We remember that Jesus was called the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace. In John 14:27 he offered that peace to his disciples, and to all of us, when he said, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.”
Reader 1: We light this candle as a sign of the peace of Christ given to us. (light the candle)
Reader 2: May we always remember this peace and allow it to sustain us throughout this Advent season. Let us pray…
People: Almighty God, we seek to love you and live in the Spirit of truth. Often, however, we find ourselves overcome by the world. In this moment we ask you to reveal yourself to us once more. Help us to remember the peace that your Son offers. Prepare us once more to receive him throughout this Advent season. Amen.

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