My mother-in-law was raised Catholic. When she is in distress she calls out JesusMaryandJoseph. Its a blessing and curse….

Sometimes my soul hurts so much, I am crying out and I’m not sure if that cry is a call for help or a curse. I’m not sure what it means, I’m just crying out.

When the peace deal brokered in Syria failed a few days ago. I cried out No, and cried. I wasn’t sure if I was rejecting the news, the failure or the peace, the violence, or all of humanity.

All I could think was no, no, no….


Holy Family, I need all of you. The pregnant girl, the struggling stepfather and the helpless baby.

I need you when I see the baby covered in dust, laying out in Syria, I need you when the killer of an ambassador stands in celebration. I need you when those who hate and gaslight feel empowered.

fuckthisShit, JesusMaryandJoseph

Bless us, help us, hold us, love us…..






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