Sometimes Pastors Wear High Heels: How a Shoe Store Can Be Better Than The Church

#kinkyboots #retail and #God (yep they can all go together)

Exploring Life


I have not posted in a while. Usually, my posts are based off of things that I have been thinking about for some time. In fact, I spend most of my nights processing through things that truly make me think. I have thought a lot about this post.  I have had plenty of time to process and to come to the conclusions that I have.

At the beginning of the year, I worked at a small coffee shop at my alumna mater. It was a wonderful job and I got to see all my friends that were still taking classes and such. That job, however, did not have great hours during the summer time. So, I started looking for other jobs. And I found one being a salesperson at a shoe store.

I had not worked retail before this job. I was quite terrified when I went into the interview because…

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