Don’t Call Me An Ally: Getting to Work


I didn’t come into an awareness of my racialized self until late college, and didn’t really engage the issues around it until seminary, and even then wrestled with whether there was a third way beyond the black-white paradigm of racism because it felt like there wasn’t space for me. For my parents. For my siblings and cousins. Stories of picture brides,Vincent Chin and the LA Riots haunted me.Where do we fit in? I would often ask myself. We’renot white or black but the whites treat us like we’re black unless we “act” white and the blacks treat us like we’re white unless we “act” black.It wasn’t until the murder of Trayvon Martin that I began to realize that it is undeniably – black and white. That anti-black racism is the root of all racism.

It took me a while to get there but it’s all…

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