“We aren’t as Christian as we used to be”

Deep thoughts on Nones, Commitment and community

New Beginnings

The Pew Research Center released a study this week on “America’s Changing Religious Landscape,” and I’ve been surprised by how much press it received.  The findings aren’t surprising to me as a pastor; I have heard for years that the population of Christians in the United States is declining and the percentage of Americans who are religiously unaffiliated is rising.  I’m not particularly bothered by the sentiment that “we [ie the United States] aren’t as Christian as we used to be.”  Perhaps this indicates that folks nominally connected to Christianity because they felt compelled by culture or society have now left church altogether.  To me, that seems like a more honest position.  It means those active in their churches want to be active because they have had an experience of God or have made the conscious choice to follow Jesus (to use Christian lingo…I am a Presbyterian pastor after all…).

However, the…

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