Nonverbal Characters!

Favorites that “speak” to my child

I believe in playgrounds...

My middle child Westley has a severe delay in speech and probably has some other diagnoses as well.

However, he loves! loves! loves! Nonverbal characters.

1096 × 1106 –

Favorites include

Nutcracker ballet: yes he will sit through the entire 2hr dance show sendak_nutcracker

Pingu: babbling Claymation characters who (in the tradition of them being claymation) don’t talkPingu_with_skates

Knuffle Bunny: “Not so long ago before she could speak words…” Picture book about the difficulties of not having words yet……” This is totally a speech bookKnuffle-Bunny-image

Curious George: Where the Show especially is the world as interpreted by a nonverbal, babbling, monkey Curious-George

Elsa: who doesn’t get to talk to anyone and has to work out thing through her powersElsa


Blues Clues: Puppy Dog must leave clues to get message across


Our Current Favorite: It has dogs AND monsters that don’t speak normally (usually) and its all about figuring out why. Plus its SPOOKY!…

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