Thoughts on busy messiness and messy busy-ness

Better Together

You should see my kitchen table. That’s right. I’m saying you *should be able* to see my kitchen table — yet it is buried beneath piles of clutter that unashamedly proclaim the reality of my preoccupied life.

Unpaid bills, school forms requiring my signature, ingredients for this week’s dessert baking, adventures, half-eaten lollipops, broken crayons, Cheerios, crushed cheezits, AA batteries & LEGO pieces aplenty decorate my kitchen table. There are muddy sneakers by the door with muddy footprints on the floor [that I just swept last night] — evidence of the boys’ muddy-puddle-jumping after preschool this morning.

AND I am a multi-tasking, type-A, to-do-list-lovin’ Mama who highly values being “productive.” I’ll quickly confess I love that oh-so-fleeting feeling of satisfaction —triumphantly crossing an item off that ever-pressing, never-ending to-do-list.

Sigh. How wonderful. Truly. I love those moments.

And yet — Motherhood — being a mama “in-the-trenches” — often feels like…

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