Get to know me

Name: Katy Stenta

Quest: To talk about God in a cool, non condescending way that includes many witticisms and as many nerdy fantasy refs as possible

Favorite Color: Blue and Green (I know, my husband hates that I have 2, but I love the water so…)

If I Entitled My Job it would be: God’s HR rep–I handle staff, complaints, and communication between all parties in and outside the company (of saints), (God is in Operations)

The Real World Calls it: Pastor

Favorite Fairy Tale: Beauty and the Beast (also really love Donkeyskin)

Things I do for fun: Theater, Yoga, draw Disney characters, Board Games: Cataan, Carcassan, Dominion & of course read (mostly fantasy now that I’m busy with children)

Bio: Married for 9yrs, to high school sweetheart from 2000, 3 children, 3 cats and my husband says we are done “No more creatures” for this family, “no more children, cats or wives” Went to Oberlin for undergrad (loved it) hung out with the Christian Ed people at Princeton Seminary,

Interesting Fact: 9/11 happened my first week of college making me just barely a millennial (entire childhood pre-9/11 entire adulthood post 9/11), also I’m a double pastor’s kid but I pretty much existed in the nerdy version of the real world…I have 3 kids and am Christian but am well-ed. intellectual. I lose count of how many “realities” I live between.

What angers me: Preaching hate as the word of God (UGGGGHHHH!)

In my Dream World: I have time to write a fantasy series & do some community theater

Self-Descriptors include (and are not limited to): Exuberant, Leader, Christian, Fantasy-Nerd, Easy-Going, Mom of Three Boys, Straightforward, Extrovert, Extremely Hard Worker, Goal-Oriented, Encourager, All About Family

Favorite Books as a Grade Schooler: Oz, Narnia, The Hobbit, Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, Madeline L’Engle Time Quartet

Favorite Book in Jr. High: Robin McKinley, Patricia C. Wrede Tamora Pierce, L’Engle’s Austin series, Gail Carson Levine, Just Ella, Most Rewritten Fairy Tale Novels of that era (Jack Zipes, Jane Yolen, Terri Windling, etc)

High School: J. K. Rowling, Anne Bishop, Dave Duncan, Robert Asprin,

Things I Read Now (in addition to the above list): Hunger Games, Pretties/Uglies/Specials/Extras, Laurie King’s Mary Russell Series, Gail Carriger,

Favorite Pastoral Characters: Shepherd Book from Firefly, Pastor from The Princess Bride….

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