Church can change the world!

Think One Person Can Change the World? So do We” Oberlin College got me with this poster. This poster resonated with everything I believe and my (w)holistic approach to Christianity. Not only do I think one person did change the world, Jesus Christ. But I also believe that God continues to work through singular people through this process of “call” to continue to change the world towards the kingdom, one person at a time. 

      There were a million other reasons why I went to Oberlin, but this was the primary one. Its also why I go to church. (as opposed to sitting at home and being spiritual). Here is my church biography in short:
When I was 10 I was confirmed as an adult member
I was assisting with Sunday School at age 12
At age 14 I told an emergency Children’s Sermon
By age 15 I ran a Vacation Bible Fair (just one night)
I was empowered, as such I am excited to see what I will do from now on!

Through church I find partners, through partners to be empowered to make a difference in the world. It is one of the few places where age/gender/monetary status are as big factors as gifts, talents and passion. Church is super-empowering, a place to find partners, to create good and work towards the Kingdom that we can only imagine at the moment. “Think one person Can change the world? So do We!” Friends believe the Good News of Jesus Christ, and lets find ways to follow the Call of the Holy Spirit, Together!

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