This year I will……

This year I will talk to dragons, I will spend the time I need to with fairies and fight off the bad guys with a sword.

I will flirt outrageously

I will laugh more than ever

I will be sure to build as many towers as I knock down, and remember that journeying to the castle is just as important as defeating the bad guy

I will improve my tea drinking ritual–because its more fun the more you do it

I will remember to sing loudly in the car, try new upsidedown and balancing thingies in yoga and throw more snowballs

I will wiggle more in my seat, draw more doodles and as a result become wiser than ever

I will pick the flowers

I will get my hopes too high on a regular basis, expect all  people I know to be brave & wise & good no matter what I might (or might not already) know about them and catch up on Dr. Who

I will exclaim over every baby that they are each the most beautiful baby in the universe—because every single one is, and spoil my cats while contemplating with my husband the fact that we’ve acquired a creature (baby or kitten) every year that we have been married.

I will make it my mission to make my job be more and more about people (and less about paperwork)

I will declare random vacations to go out and play in the sun

I will do silly things I’m not good at, I will play strategy games, draw, play music, etc. because those are the things I love

I will do something meaningful to support trans*/bi community

I will watch as many Disney movies as possible and get my haircut when I feel like it

I will remember never to eat the food in fairyland

I will let my kids be messy, allow them to have fun, and teach them to love people

I will play more practical jokes on my husband

I will enjoy God’s sense of humor!

I will get lost and have fun while I’m doing it

I will read many, many library books

I will chase rainbows…and sunsets….

I will go on as many adventures as I can cram in…

I will walk to nowhere

I will tell the stories that give my life meaning, and repeat them over and over again until they are true

I will be Katy 🙂

6 Replies to “This year I will……”

    1. Reality is what you make of it…I spend almost all of my time doing practical and real things (I’m a borderline workaholic), this list has the Real things I value in life including God, Children, Family, Relationships, etc. If you read closely, you can see that I have the same new year’s resolutions as everyone else…just from the positive/adventurous end of things….

    2. How about finding something better todo with your time than posting unnecessary negative comments to bring a happy person down? Maybe you can spend the time finding something to do that gives you joy.

  1. I can’t believe a friend suggested this post from her Church. I understand your desire to write from a “fun” perspective, but it seems that your posts of fantasy are stronger than your relation to spirituality. Your previous posts make this very apparent. Not to mention, many of these posts are very hypocritical. Fictional fairytales have plenty to teach about the real world, but are useless when improperly applied.

    1. Its nice to hear I’m being recommended, I’m sorry that my posts do not relate well to your situation. I hope that you find blogs you do relate to your spirituality. This is a space where I do most of my fantasy and spiritual explorations (ie I don’t really do it other places), as you noted, and I understand if it is too heavy on the speculative exploration of the human condition for you. May God’s blessings and grace go with you.

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