Philosophy, Science and Religion

Philosophy, Science and Religion

Some of this article was hard for me to follow….but….

this part about faith reminded me of some faith and belief musings I’ve been praying about

“faith is a special gift from God, not part of our ordinary epistemic equipment. Faith is a source of belief, a source that goes beyond the faculties included in reason.”

Namely that Faith is a gift of God experience by a group of people, who hold diverse and intricate levels and kinds of beliefs…

although I don’t know if faith/doubt and belief are as black and white as this article portrays (but hey that’s philosophy)

I also appreciated:

“Christians, says Plantinga, can “take modern science to be a magnificent display of the image of God in us human beings.” Can naturalists say anything to match this, or must they regard it as an unexplained mystery?”

Its hard for me to believe we are “accidentally” alive!

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