Why do people actually go to church?* (or …its like a family)

Whenever I talk to people about why they like going to church…the reasons I usually get come down to two reasons. (*Katy’s poll is totally anecdotal)

What Church People are actually saying

1. Its a like a family/the relationships, etc.

2. for the kids (although that tends to be a baby boomer reason)

Seldom to I hear (What church people aren’t saying enough of)

1. We are actually helping people 

2. The prayer is amazing

3. I feel connected to God

4. Worship is so meaningful

5. We are actively welcoming of all people…..

Pastor Fail? Denominational Fail? Gospel Fail? Church fail? Institutional Fail?

Where is the disconnect… (PS families are great, but to me there is more to it)

6 Replies to “Why do people actually go to church?* (or …its like a family)”

  1. The “family” aspect is the part that makes me the most wistful. It makes me consider faking belief sometimes. The spiritual comfort people seem to get seem nice too.

  2. The church was meant to be a family centered around Jesus as the head and not a man, I.e., the pastor. This is a place, sometimes a home, so the setting is intimate, where we we can be ourselves, warts and all and are still loved unconditionally. The cross of Christ had 2 beams. One was vertical and that restored our relationship with God the father. The other was vertical and that restored the relationships we humans have with each other.

    The church from the history that I read was never supposed to be in a building less by one person. The church met in homes for the first 300 years of its existence. When the church is spoken of as a family, it is meant to be like blood relatives in loving caring relationships sharing everything but their wives and husbands.

    The church is to model Christ’s love by its love for one another. Jesus Himself said that this is how people would know that we were His disciples.

    The church of today looks nothing like the church as spoken of in the book of Acts. Chapters 2-4 give a description of what the church looked like.

  3. I think the family parts are wonderful….unfortunately family is often code for “those who are very similar to me”…..being welcoming of people you want in your family is great. Being welcoming of everyone as a part of your family is amazing!

    1. If by family you are actually saying a clique, then I agree with you. However, church where Jesus is actually the head is not like that. Not that it is free of problems, but it is not about cliques, i.e. us 4 and no more mentality because the focus is outward and not inward.

  4. I don’t think the family thing is bad…however, I feel like its a *start* of what church should be…maybe its that church is your “start” of family, but our job is to expand it as much as possible to include God. etc. and the most effective way of doing this is through love/worship, love and worship–and don’t forget worship and love…….

    After all, noone believes all of the Gospel all the time, thats why we have the church family to support us, our beliefs, and to help to fill out those places we don’t know/understand/believe. I think belief is much better manifested in a faithful group, than in a singular faithful person…and Karen–most people are “faking it” the trick is to find those practices that make it so you aren’t faking it all the time, and to work on those (thus discipline) 🙂

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