…and by the way we are 6 months in….


Things have been very precarious for my family. I thank God (almost) everyday (hey I’m human sometimes I forget)

that I have a fulltime job which I find fulfilling, with healthcare for my family.


However, my husband has been working tiny part time jobs for a while.

First it was a secretarial instructor, then it was that plus Borders (then Borders closed)

then it was secretarial school instructor, lego/robot/comp after school program instructor (which sort of went on hiatus)

Now its secretarial school instructor, lego/robot/comp program (occasionally) and part time library clerk. Oh, and a post-grad continuing ed. degree…

Did I mention my husband is the “stay-at-home” parent for my 3 children (all in preschool, eldest to attend kindergarten next fall)

I’m not complaining, its good he’s getting experience, and although the church is not at fault, money has been tight at times….. I’m just letting God know that the changing of our schedule every 8 weeks or so is something I can probably only handle for about 2 years tops…

…..oh and by the way (God) we are already 6 months in….

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