call time2

and Clergy are burning out…..hmm……..

pastors cannot (or should not) be friends with parishioners. The second article is about a pastor of a large church in Charlotte who’s on a leave of absence at a treatment center after struggling with depression and alcohol abuse.

What if pastors put our schedule more like senators.

4hrs reaching out

1-2hrs church visits

2hrs church business

1hr community outreach

1hr recharge time….


Amazing how different professions view work differently huh?

Quick note Maryann in says

But generally speaking, both of these comments (and perhaps the articles in general) reveal a model of ministry that is, frankly, passing away as the guild becomes younger and less male-dominated. Younger people want a leader they can relate to more than one who holds up a lofty ideal; they seek identification more than inspiration. And women, well, we have a different way of negotiating boundaries than do men. Again, I’m speaking generally.

Also, as churches get smaller and more and more pastors become part-time, the dynamics will change even more.

And I agree people are ALWAYS surprised that I am a pastor because I am a. relatable b. young c. female (I say what I’m not a stiff, old, white, male?) Of course I am white but people get the gist. These people, though, are looking for church to be a new and different, they are looking for a spirituality that is relatable and frankly the pastors need to be a part of the community…..


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