Candlelight Service: What’s not to LOVE?

I love Lessons and Carols…there is no place I’d rather be (with my entire family) on Christmas Eve. Before I had children I used to go to 2 or 3 different Candlelight services on Christmas Eve–culminating with the midnight one.

This service is the best of Christianity and the best of Christmas–no political motivations, no big speeches, no details…just communion, carols and the Word of God.

Some people look down on what we call CE Christians (Christmas and Easter) I don’t know if I do, when else do you have such a service devoted on the word of God? Sure some people go because they feel “Obligated”

For me obligation is a silly reason to go to church, I’d rather you went because you wanted to sing, or you were confused, or you have a great friend in church, or the food is really good, or your children love it, or there is a good sermon (once in a while), basically I don’t really care why you come, but I hope that this Christmas you can go to a Christmas Eve service, even if that’s not your thing, because its SO beautiful!

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