Review: The Shakespeare Stealer series by Gary Blackwood

Found this at Good will for $3.00!!! Yay for cheap books, that is a dollar a book.

This story is really good for people who

        a. like historical fiction

        b. like theater

        c. like medieval England

        d. (and of course) love Shakespeare

          Basically this book was good! It was pretty historically accurate, illuminating into how it felt to be an apprentice, an actor, a girl, an orphan or a playwright!

      Here we follow the exploits of Widge, an apprentice who is able to write not only in English and Greek, but also in a shorthand of squiggles. Being able to read and write in such a time, he is sent to steal Shakespeare and accidentally joins the theater troupe instead–he then proceeds to stay with the troupe for three books!

I loved this book, I am a big medieval and Shakespeare lover, and to me this book was extraordinarily written, engaging for all ages (and educational but SHHH!!! don’t tell)

Definitely recommend it!!!