Nov 20th Christ the King/Light Sunday

Justice, Mercy & Light Extended Advent

November 20th Christ the King Sunday
Swords into Plowshares (Thanksgiving?): Light
Isaiah 36 1:3, 13-20, 37:1-7, 2:1-4 Swords into Plowshares
Matt 5:14 Light of the World City on the Hill
Psalm 131

Call to Worship 
Come let us go to the mountain of the Lord
That God may teach us God’s ways
For out of Zion shall come instruction and light, and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem
Come, the Lord’s House will be established, and peoples will stream to it
They shall beat their swords into poughshares, and know peace
Come let us find peace, and learn war no more in the God’s place

Call to Confession: Come let us draw ourselves closer to God with our confession

Prayer of Confession: God, we long to be a part of your City on the Hill. We confess that this longing is so deep that sometimes we try to manufacture it here on earth. We also confess that we do not have the patience to plant and grow peace. We do not want to wait for people to stream to God, we do not want to see God’s city come. We do not have the patience for God to open our eyes. It all seems really hard. Encourage us, Enlighten us, Imbue us with peace we pray. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon: God’s peace is from everlasting to everlasting. Know then the truth: In Jesus Christ we are forgiven

Prayer of the Day/Dedication: Let us go forward knowing that God is the City on the Hill, not us. God is helping us to plant the peace that is needed. Let us go forward ready to build the tools of peace. Amen

Hymns: I’ve Got Peace Like a River,  Crown Him with Many Crowns, Jesus Priceless Treasure, Lord Make us Servants of Your Peace, O Day of Peace, Song of Hope, Near to the Heart of God, As Deer Long for The Streams, For the Fruit of All Creation, Let All Things Now Living, We Plow the Fields and Scatter

With Children: Talk about how peace is hard work, and how war is built on hate/fear, and what the tools of peace might be “Harold’s Fairy Tale”

Harold and the Purple Crayon Book Featuring Harold drawing a Crayon


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