Disability Glorified, A Prayer

Ableism kills,

Jesus you were not ableist.

What kind of diagnoses did your twelve disciples have?

Who limped, who was “ugly”

Who had voices, who had ADD or Autism or OCD?


As you healed and were asked,

What sin was committed that this person is blind?

The people asked, and, then our Savior said

None. Neither he nor his parents!

And then Jesus, you touched lepers,

those who were lame or blind or bled,

the poor, the oddly shaped and the dirty,

the ones who humans avoided even looking at–

because in our hearts of hearts,

we are so scared of disabilities that we avoid eye contact

afraid of catching it,

embarassed that we still

even today,

do not know how to interact

with people who exist differently than us.


In some ways Jesus’s resurrection

might be the scariest thing of all.

Jesus you were young and healthy,

and died anyway, and the disciples

(of course) fled death.

Except for the women,

who probably had the most intimate

relationship with death and dead bodies.


Jesus the Good News is not just that you returned

but you returned with holes in your arms and legs–

who were still wholly you, but unchanged.

You were still perfect, but your body was still yours!

What hope for those with disabilities.

It leads us to ask, are there wheelchairs and mobility aides in heaven?

Is it a place where your body is not weighty and there is no more pain,

but you are still you?

Are those with Dyslexia, ADD, OCD, Bipolar, Down Syndrome, Autism and more are–

Beloved and understood!


Jesus, I am so thankful that you got it,

that you get it,

that ableism kills

That you do not promise wealth and health!

That you do not need our bodies to be perfect for us to enter heaven–

You know Jesus I am not yet 40 and relatively healthy,

and I would definitely fail that test.


Jesus, I am thankful that as humans

make decisions that are more and more ableist

and fall more and more in the vein of a death cult–

(ignoring all those who aren’t fit or rich or whatever)

that I am hanging on

with every breath I take

that Jesus is not ableist.


And, maybe Thomas wasn’t either.

And as sure as the holes remained

in Jesus sacred body–

Holes that I am invited to touch

whenever I doubt or feel alone or scared of my own imperfections

I can breathe in

Jesus wasn’t ableist

and breathe out

And Jesus affirms all people.


Thank God for the Risen

holy, hole-y body!


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April 24th Thomas: Disability Glorified

Sermon Ideas:

But Thomas

Brave Thomas

John 20:19-31

Psalm 145:13-21

Topical Prayer: Disability Glorified

Call to Worship

God we are ready to see you

So we think

God we want to see you

Be present with us here today

Call to Confession: God we are so glad Jesus is ready to hear our full selves. Come let us sit with Jesus and confess.

Confession: Jesus we confess that it is sometimes hard to believe that you will glorify all things. Sometimes the questions Thomas has about the holes in Jesus’s body, the questions about disabilities or differences or even the vast varieties that we see around us are just too much for our human brains to process. We confess that we are a lot like Thomas–we are often just not brave enough to voice our doubts and misgivings out loud. Forgive us, and remind us that you glorify all things, and somehow do not take away one iota of who we truly are. Remind us with the Holy Spirit we pray. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon: If Christ is for us, who can be against us? Know and feel and taste the truth on your tongue: In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Prayer of the Day/Dedication: Walk with us Christ, remind us when we falter or feel alone that you are with us we pray. Amen.

Children: Talk about what you think Thomas’s reaction was when he saw Jesus, it is not actually described. Did they hug? Did he actually put his hand through the holes? Did they cry?

Hymns: We Walk By Faith and Not By Sight, Invisible Immortal God Only Wise, Lift High the Cross, Christ is Made the Sure Foundation, God of Grace and God of Glory, Lord Whose Love through Humble Service

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