My Columbus Day Confessional

God, I’m contemplating today–

in an age of Columbus day, and Capitalism and Cancel Culture.

God I’m thinking of the slow spread of Indigenous Peoples’ Day,

Where we try to slowly acknowledge a heritage

we cannot claim,

and a past of slavery and disease and Colonialism, we must confess.

God, I’m thinking hard today about my white bloodstained past

My Pilgrim heritage–my ancestors physically came over with them —

My Imperialistic Roots–after the revolution we disappeared in shame for a while

My Religious anxiety–we pushed our white God onto everyone with the best of them

I’m thinking hard God, because Indigenious history is my history, even as it isn’t my heritage.

And I know (and you know God) that no land acknowledgment is going to fix that.

There is work to be done–that isn’t cancel culture or capitalism or Columbus Day.

But it is confessional and listening closely and doing the hard work of the day.

God help me to do the hard work of Decolonizations today,

and everyday, but especially today,

I pray.

In the name of Jesus Christ–refugee of his time, friend of the marginal and victim of Imperial violence, in the name of that Jesus Christ I pray.