About Katy (or I believe)

I believe that Christ meets you where you are (whether you are up a tree, by a well or on a cross) and that church’s should be striving to do the same

I believe that Christ always stands with the marginalized and the we’ve heard enough of what the hetero-white-European theologians have had to say

I believe in the personhood of LGBTQUIA, Black, Brown and Immigrant People

I believe that we should feed, clothe and house everyone in the name of Christ

I believe healthcare is a human right

I believe in a living wage

I believe in reading as much fantasy as possible

I believe that reading fantasy is my spiritual practice and discipline

I believe that worship opportunities are abundant and we miss a lot of them

I believe people who are “spiritual but not religious” are awesome

I believe that there is a generational gap

I believe in hope, and say “I live in hope” about a lot of things

I believe that buildings do not make churches

I believe disciples current call is to forgive debts (literally) and help people find fulfillment

I believe in including children in everything (not that parents don’t need break) esp. worship

I believe in balancing your life, and putting family first

I believe my generation is not lazy, we are just putting value on creativity and time instead money

I believe money is ephemeral and intangible and that love is real

I believe that church is the place to come at least once a week to work on all of your relationships–and that nowhere else do you do that as a discipline of your life

I believe in taking life SERIOUSLY, and to do so I must look carefully for all the joys and to laugh as often and as loud as possible

I believe that at the end of the world every knee shall bow to Christ as it is written in the Old Testament, Psalms and Revelation–(don’t ask me how, I leave the hard questions to God)

Katy Stenta is the solo pastor of a bigger on the inside church in Albany NY

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