The Health of the Minister (A follow up to my talk to the General Assembly)

And more thoughts on the whole minister and health thing…

Matthew Ruttan

Picture Matthew speakingThe health and well-being of leaders is hugely important to the vitality of congregations but it is very rarely talked about.


A few months ago I was invited to speak to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. (It’s kind of like a national AGM).

In light of some of the good things happening at Westminster Church in Barrie, I was asked to share remarks as a part of something called Good News in the Church: Vibrant Connections.

(You can watch my 12 minute presentation by clicking here and scrolling down — I start talking about 6 minutes into the video.)

In this blog, I just want to share a bit on one of the things I talked about. It’s close to my heart and also something that I’ve received a lot of feedback about—from other pastors and congregants and friends and strangers on the web.

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